Sheila's Oortyard and MONSTORE Megathread

The Nixian Trust Proudly Presents…

Sheila’s Oortyard and MONSTORE

Work on our fancy new hunters courtyard and accompanying shop are complete and we’re open for business!

Sheila’s Oortyard - TNT Hunts

Hunts are hosted daily by the undisputed Queen of the Hunt - DevilishBecks, usually at 10:30pm UTC Every day, as well as regularly hitting those Aussie time slots too about 10 hours later.

The TNT Hunters courtyard is protected by our resident wildstock, ‘Sheila’, and stocks all the best in hunting supplies, augments, and giveaways.

Check the hunt board next to the hub for the next time, and join Becks on Discord voice chat to win prizes (500 MrNix forged bows, just to kick it off).


Once you’re done slaughtering innocent wildlife, head next door to the MONSTORE and you’ll find some of the best buy prices in the game to offload your spare body parts.

Protected (destroyed?) by the MONSTORE MONSTER, and specialising in hunt drops, body parts, forged bows/fists, and the souls of hunters past, MONSTORE is your one stop shop for everything a hunter needs.

To find it, simply head to the TNT megahub and look up for the giant goat, and not-close-enough-for-a-law-suit big green M logo!


Great hunt community, great hunt leadership, lots of hunt goodies, and a perfectly chisseled godzilla AND GIANT WILDSTOCK! Come on down to the Monstore, and join a hunt, you wont regret it :slight_smile:




Monstore is such a great build, I love it.


Thanks, pretty proud of that one! It went from random concept to done in about 4 hours.

He will be horrified i shared this, but this was what the monster looked like on the first try, haha.


Sheila makes him feel a little inadequate though, she is epic!!!

Massive thanks to the incredibly talented @Apt


We had a really good hunt today on Norkyna :slight_smile:
291 Oort, 33 Hopper Cores and lots of other mob drops - i started to leave quite a few drops on the ground with the last fee meteors!

It doesn’t matter your strength or how long you’ve played the game … if you’re willing to have some fun (and get punted by Sheila’s long lost relatives a few times) as well as interact with other players in game, you should come along. If you don’t need the drops, you can always make yourself some money by selling them to the MONSTORE! :wink:

Mr Nix and the other AMAZING founders at TNT have given me some 500 bows to giveaway to players that come interact and join in the voice chat during our hunts. So please come say Hi and join in the friendly banter whilst hunting on a different T6 planet every day! It doesn’t matter the level of English, how strong your accent is or what nationality you are - EVERYONE IS WELCOME!! Hunts are more fun as a group! :smiling_imp:

LASTLY … I want to say a HUGE thank you to @uni3k @Apt @Primetime18 for the AMAZING creations that made “Sheila’s Courtyard” what it is … you guys are TRULY TALENTED!! :heart:


I love a good giveaway and havent done this in waaayyy too long.


50 hopper eyes

Bidding starts at 1c for the lot.

Bidding ends in 24 hours from now (7am UTC).

Good luck!

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I would like to make a bid 50c

And i truely hope no one else sees this and you win! Giving it all away for 50c would be amazing.

50c to the lovely lady at the front!

50c and an earthyam :innocent::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

72.5c and 10 chars

Only coin bids sorry! And only 1c increments.

I can put you down for 51c if you like!

Nope no i cant… 72c to the robot in the middle!

73c and an evening with Bob :kissing_heart:


Im not going to do this lame auctioneer thing for 24 hours by the way, it just sounds exciting to kick it off.


Thats ok I’m just gonna snipe the winning bid a minute before it closes.

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We buy hopper eyes at 245c each, so at the current bid you could sell them straight back to us and make about 200 times profit on youre initial investment.

Im not sure that is great business, but im having a good time!

Not a bad plan… i’ll be going by forum timestamps to see who gets the last bid in.

But that also relies on your page loading at the right time, so could be worth being in before that!

What if the forum goes offline and ratchel gets them all, and a night with bob, for 73c?

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Unfortunately Ratchel will never meet Bob!

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