Shift clicking more than 2 items into furnace


Hi guys so me and someone else has had this problem when you shift click more than one item into a furnace the 3rd item is gone completely I lost a stack of compacted peat because I wanted to shift click it to go into fuel but it disappeared


Sorry should of put more than top items


There are secret storage slots in the furnace. You need to break the furnace to get those items back.

It’s a bug, we are working on a solution.


Haha so secret you don’t know how to get to it without breaking it :wink: and ok so if I break the furnace should I get them back? And oki doke :slight_smile:


pss You can store forbidden items away from devs in that 3rd slot.


there is more that 3slots ;=)


a bug?
secret storage is a good thing me thinks :wink: