Shimmer orb drop rate

I have a question for all of you out there who farm shimmering orbs from recent farms. Is it just me or are the farms dropping less orbs, and taking a butload of time to get few numbers.

Seems same to me. I haven’t noticed a change. What tier planet?

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Are you using a different alt that doesn’t have maxed luck?

I’ve noticed less people selling them to me.

Yeah me too. Except Bob, he still sells them to me :slight_smile:


Im opening an orb shop this week :smiley:

Another one???

closing the one in old phoenix. Itll be located in the Dome going forward, selling all orbs.

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And remodeling the one at Nova Golda Market?

my fish tank NEVER!!!



Poor customers, already standing in the rain and then having to look at even MORE WATER! :joy:


How much do you buy for?

It’s the only time half of them get a shower!

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My diaper gets a weird musty smell when it gets wet, especially since I only have one diaper and I can’t take it off

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I understand what you are saying but…bud…that wetness you have a problem with is urine…

Trolls don’t urinate I thought everyone knew that duh

I’m starting an IRL campaign right now. I’m not changing my diaper until we get clothes in BL

I change my diaper every so often. Atleast the color.

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But is it a new diaper? Or are you just tinting the same one.

I call it new! You know…first inside then outside then front and then back

Yeah but by the 5th day… I guess if you use waterproof paint instead of tint