Shimmering Orb T1 Regen Farm - on Black and Blue T1 Farms

Will start by saying Bobs T6 Shimmering Orb Farm is huge, so if you have not checked it out then please do!

If you do find yourself in need of a T1 Shimmering Orb farm, here is another one to add to the mix of available places to regen farm shimmering orbs.

Has 4 top down 3x3 shovel farming locations as well if you prefer that style of regen farming.

Accessible from Black And Blue T1 Farms hub. With portals from TNT Megahub and PS Storis II Gateway


Finally another one to the list of farms! Glad im not the only one nomore

There’s others on the permanent low level worlds so you’ve never been alone. I used to have one on Dzassak as well I reclaimed it tho as the ff couldn’t even pay for the Oort and I had better uses for the plots :sweat_smile:

But hope the new ones popping up are successful and maybe the only ones that are still around can get some more too.

Not as good as these ones from sovereign planets that’s what im on about haha

Ohhh big fan of the top down farming makes it so magnet isn’t necessary which is a big plus and 4 people can farm at once! Very nice design. I may have to spend some (alot) of time here. :heart_eyes:


Like this Typ of Farm too great Work :+1::+1::+1:

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