Shop AD MT Olympus

Hello I have dropped the price on all my marble, exo is now 32 and permanent colors 22, 130k marble for sale, sprayed marble is now 55c including vivid green/ yellow and a few others. Would love to have people buy this stuff so I can get on that marble grind again :slightly_smiling_face: thank you to all my patrons! Have a wonderful day or night :heart:

Accessible through the front of DK mall which I have an image I will post, also if you go through TNT megahub The Pheminorum planet portal my shop portal is next to that as well :grin:


I make it myself but thats a good discount. I tried to force my mate to buy you out. Hope he does. :smiley:

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That would be insane! :rofl: I would definitely have to grind to stock up, but would give me something to do, plus I would pump some of that money back into the economy by buying up all the bones and pulsating orbs :grimacing:

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That bone market, eh? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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22c is high if I’m honest. 20c is widely available and I’m even trying to sell my less popular colours for 14c…
Without much luck.

Edit: for normal…maybe not black, that always sells out first so 2c more isn’t that bad

I’ve seen 20 and 19, I’m selling all marble at 22 regardless of how popular it is, same with exo I will always keep it the same across the board, only thing I switch up is the sprayed stuff but if it doesn’t sell within the next few weeks I’ll probably put it away and save it for a build or something. I don’t know my profit margin at all I just slap a price on things and hope for the best. I also look at other shop prices and that helps me with price points

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