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Hello everyone :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t3:
Just a good old shop ad. I own marble by zeus at DK mall, selling over 300k marble at 17c and linear mosaic at 26c and i have 2300 coils for sale. I am also buying gems, shards and some ores.

I have a second shop with general stuff at my Pheminorum shop, this shop is called MT Olympus, i have my forged hammers, grapples, bows and some lucent forges here. Multiple ways to get here, at my marble shop there is a portal, also if you simply go to TNT and go through Pheminorum planet portal and its under the zeus statue. I have a connection from the Portal seekers hub on Bitula south side up the ramp.

Thank you for your time, you all take care and stay safe :mask:


Do you have black marble boarder?

No borders but i can make custom orders if you need some

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Bump for an awesome shop and person!

Made me tons of coils on custom orderโ€ฆand has always been a fair person in our dealings. Check out his zeus temple and other creations itโ€™s worth the visit.


thanks for the kind words!

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I totally agree plus he has the best marble selection in the known universe with lots of stock at great prices and he will make any quantity you ask for .