Shop iLLumiNaughty Style!

Hey everyone! It’s a perfect day to shop iLLumiNaughty! We also have several shop spaces available so if you’re looking to set up shop in a great shopping destination please come see either myself or Lorelie! @shortyd856 You can also pm either of us on PS4.

There are several ways to shop “Naughty Style” :nerd_face:.

We are home to the Naughty Mall and the Naughty Village Shops and Kiosks. For shop Keepers you also have many options to profit off of our unique shopping experience. Not looking to run a large shop, but want to sell your goods? Get a kiosk in the Naughty Village! We also have portals available to shop keepers who just want to link to this popular destination.

Here are a few of my favorite shops and kiosks you can find in iLLumiNaughty! Oh! And if you just want to do some sight seeing, check out the Naughty Wall Art!

You can get here via US Ultima East and TNT Mega Hub. Also, the Fireborn Nomad Hunt Lodge, PS Biitula, La Familia, The Witches Brew, and Kindred Bay. We hope to see you soon! :nerd_face::+1:


Hey everyone! We have some great shops at Naughty Mall and Naughty Village!

Also a couple great places to make some coin for those who need it!

We have Mall plots and Kiosk spots available for shop owners! If you need one let me or @shortyd856 (Lorelie) know.