Shop iLLumiNaughty!


Hey! I know I’m partial to anything iLLN, but if you haven’t checked out iLLumiNaughty, you should! Both as a shop keeper and a customer, there are so many options!

The obvious choice is our mall… there are so many great shops and more coming each day.

A few favs in the Naughty Mall!

Have you been to Naughty Village? Perhaps you have a fabulous shop someplace else? Why not portal in to a great shopping hub! Which happens to be adjacent to the US. Ultima Trior Hub!

Oh wait there’s more! There are actual shops and Kiosks! Right in town… steps from the TNT MegaHub Trior Gate.

We welcome you to come check us out! We have only a few spots available in the mall! Get one while you can! :nerd_face::+1:


For a moment i misread the title as “Stop ILLumiNaughty!” and was expecting a massive rant post about some wrong that was done ahah

But il have to check this place out, cheers.


Thank you ginabean you named NepCo Exo really fast I like just built it :laughing:


Illuminaughty crew is amazing love this mall


Great job! It has really come a long ways in the last couple of months. Your friendly neighbors in Autumn Dell give a thumbs up.


Thank you so much! :nerd_face::+1:


Thanks for featuring our shop, The Friendzone! So awesome guys and gals, the mall is amazing, so much foot traffic and sales, if you’re looking for a place to set up a mall shop, The Naughty Mall is the place to be!