Shop iLLumiNaughty

Hello Oortians! I wanted to invite you to shop iLLumiNaughty, on Trior! We have a lot of great options available for both shoppers and shop owners, alike!

We are home to Naughty Mall, and the capitol of Trior which makes us the ideal place to shop. If you use the Knowledge tab to search for goods, you’re likely to find what you need!

That being said we wanted to help accommodate shops on Trior who want to be easily accessible. To help with this we created a new shopping area, located just steps from the mall.

There are plots available where you can open a kiosk (you control the plot). We also added 1x2 portals for shops on Trior, giving distant Trior shops an easy connection… the easier it is for shoppers to find you the better your store will do!

While your there you’ll have the amazing view from the Wall Art Competition and a lot of other awesome shops, including Lorelie’s Pies, and Flippers!

iLLumiNaughty is the Trior gate for TNT Mega Hub as well as Ultima HQ.You can also find us via PS Biitula, The Witches Brew in Eresho, The Hunt Lodge, Kindred Bay, and The Naughty Mall, via DK’s Ultima Tree Mall, and Legendville.