Shop opened up off fantasy tree called chilled

Come check it out for you’re lucent needs all lucent 2222c and minter coils 20k each plus many other things for you. Plus check out the new Fantasy tree and grab those hammers and forged gear u crave.

With portals connecting to it. Its ur one stop shop for anything u desire forged or lucent


English is not my first language, so pardon me if I did not understand correctly, but does the title mean that OP opened a shop at the location where fantasy tree was in Tana VII or does it mean that the shop has a design similar to Fantasy Tree ?

Edit: by looking at the screenshots, I see that this is in Cephonex Merika, so clearly not a shop in Tana VII.

If u go to fantasy tree. Theres a portal off tnt and dk mall and others go in there then look for chilled portal in fantasy tree itself u will find it. If that’s what ur asking

I am unsure of what “off of Fantasy Tree” means. My conjectures were that you may have taken the space left from Fantasy Tree moving to Cephonex Merika or that you were the owner of Fantasy Tree and made another shop that uses similar themes. I didn’t mean to derail your thread though. The problem is not with your wording, but with my understanding of the English language.

I mean a portal in fantasy tree sry if I wasent clear enough and ur good