Shop prices are ridiculous!

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Anybody else feeling like players are putting their shop trades way to skyhigh for other players even buy anything becoming ridiculous


Don’t suppose you could give some examples?

I do agree that quite the majority of shops overcharge, either because:

A.) they don’t have the tools to gather materials efficiently (and therefore selling for that they think is a good price when it isn’t)

B.) Shops fail to adjust for deflation, especially true if players who have just come back havn’t been aware of price changes (coils are a good example here, compare their prices during steam-release to now)


Thing are like in the 1,000 or more it’s just hard to buy anything


I think pricing is getting crazy low these days. Depends where you shop though, a lot of places are still way overpriced too i guess. A lot doing crazy bargins lately though.


What things?
Advanced coils are 2400 to 3000 atm, used to be 10 to 16 k.

Forged tools with aoe and max power are 13 to 17k ( iirc) used to be above 30k

It takes a fair bit amount of material and time to make those, so without specific examples what is to high not much I can say if the price looks fine or not.


Tools coils food a bit everything


Well I guess it depends on how much you’ve looked and where. I know there’s places that have prices when money was more abundant still and things we’re worth more money. Some of them are gleam members and no longer play. Anvil is a good example of that.

New layden is a great place to get food too btw. Cheap and always stocked.

Tools are priced good at moonies and new layden

Coils at lake(y) are 2500 ea


If you could give some specific examples, it would help.

There can be huge fluctuations in prices, as there is no given base value to work from.

And I do agree, that some places do seem to charge quite a lot, especially when they have a request baskets right next to the shop stand, buying at a tenth of what they sell for, makes things seems expensive.

But there are quite a few places that are bringing prices right down to somewhere sensible, I’m not gonna turn this into an advert for my shop or the shops in my settlement, but other stores seem to be slow to change.


Meh, anything I have for sale is 10% cheaper than the lowest I’ve seen it.
Although it took me some time to gather the mats required etc, selling it for a low price is much better than not selling it at all.

Currently I’m only selling :poop:
But it is cheap :poop:


Okay, well, did you ever try to make a pie? Or better, say a teaching pie? Any idea what goes into such a thing? And how much actual time it takes to make it, even AFTER you gathered all the materials?

It takes 3 machines 8+ hours to make a pie…

Materials needed for a masscraft of 50 teaching pies:
576 sweet beans
103.86 fibrous herbs
207.36 barbed grass
207.36 sap
26.87 milk glands
149.3 charcoal (== trunks + coal)
74.65 gravel

Go ahead, gather them, then remember that you also need to make them and that it takes quite a while too. And it’s not 1 recipe that takes long, no there are many steps to get to the end result on multiple machines…

Persisting pies are even worse, those need Fortified Butter which needs Fortified Milk which needs shimmering orbs and Purified Milk which needs Milk, gravel and charcoal, which needs milkglands and buckets. Those are all different recipes!


I just realized how much it could add up when I started to make some pies. I have been collecting milk glands, what I can get hunting and even buying some when they are on sell cheap; well for some cheap, but even 20c is something I have to think twice about on spending. And the time in turning the milk into purified butter, then making fortified butter, you have to make buckets so that is wood and nails, which takes iron.
Charcoal, you are right, that take chopping wood, time, burning the wood in the forge to get the charcoal.

It’s not like tossing some meat and lamella into a furnace and making meaty casseroles.

It can get expensive in making some of the foods.


Some are too high, you just have to look around. The G. mall has one shop that is asking 5 to 7k for coils. Another had some for 4k and found one shop that was asking 2,500. But they only had two coils of the gems that I needed.
You can go into one shop and they want 1k coins for their copper bombs and another 2k coins for titanium bombs. Was on another planet and found a shop that wanted 5k for iron bombs.
you have to shop around, go to the various markets, malls and compare prices. Food can be expensive to make, as @AeneaGames stated. I am starting to make some of the higher level food and seeing what goes into it. get milk glands, which come from stout goats, then you have to make buckets, wood and nails, which require iron. Then the milk has to be made purified, then fortified, and you can read all of what she stated, it can add up.

Some shops still want to ask prices from the good ole days where most of the players lived close to the cities and got thousands in footfall so they could afford them.
But, many have learned and new players who are setting up shops are asking fair prices, you have to go and look at the shops, G. Mall, New Layden mall and some others are setting up where players can find fair prices.


In my opinion, I believe that you just need to shop around more. Like some of the above posts have stated. There are shops where the owner may have gleam club, but hasn’t played in almost a month. So those prices haven’t been adjusted to where things are now. Then again, it is possible too that people are setting up shops outside of major towns to exploit noobs who are getting a good amount of coin just learning the first 15 levels in the middle of the woods.

In conclusion, shop around more. Go to the nearest big town or capital on your compass and check around. But seriously: Gyosha mall is the best place to buy anything!! (Shameless mindless self indulged favoritism advertising) hahaha!


There’s someone selling coils at Gyosha Mall for 2499…save yourself at least 1c over my prices :grin:

I think they do have all in stock at the mo tho, unlike me (recent surge in coil popularity)


As an FYI, my prices for teaching pies is 649c and for persisting 599c. And that is rather cheap… But some might find that expensive already!


I disagree with this. New Leyden Market is where it’s at! (also shameless plug!)


I have a shop in Cephonex that used to be a discount store (I still call it that). Pretty much the only things I sell for less than others at this point is gold and titanium unforged tools. I think the market is stabilising. There’s still some spendy items out there, but just try to make them, and you’ll realize why. Use them effectively, and you’ll also realize that they’re usually worth the price. The boost gained from buying your first 9x9 t6 one hit hammer is massive. Don’t forget your persisting pie.


Hahaha! Seriously though, I’m so glad there are places like the new leyden market and Gyosha mall! It was a bit insane right after launch running around trying to find the best prices. Now we can run over to your beautifully designed market or over to the wonderful Gyosha mall or other places like these and find everything we’ll ever need in one trip! Saving hours!!!


They make 9x9 hammers now!! :exploding_head: … they must cost a fortune


Psh I still love running around for hours trying to find the cheapest and also the best request baskets.