Shop scanner 2.0: show glowing paths

It would be cool if shop scanner showed a glowing guideline to follow the shortest route to a shop. This probably wouldn’t be that much extra work for the devs, since the game already has the proper “pathing algorithms” in place - enemies use the same algorithm to follow us around corners and walls and obstacles.


good idea and in addition please also have an option to warp to the target
often it is easily worth the 100c + 2 conduits


Well that is what the compass does. Or do you mean if there is a portal it will show you to take it lol. It prob needs more information like who’s beacon, what city exc… So many time I ran across the world to have it take me to what I have a portal to from where I was standing. :joy: whoops.

I think it’s meant to really lead you there.
I have often landed on a roof or a far side of a large building and had to search longer how to get to the shop stand

Yep. I’m grateful at least we have something. I just wish I had more information on the location. Like located in “here” city.

Pathfinding for a few dozen meters isn’t too hard, but if the stand is 2000 meters from you it’s suddenly much more resource intensive. The game doesn’t load the terrain that far either, hard to calculate paths if the blocks in the way aren’t known :smiley:


True. But it could turn on pathfinding when you get within 100 meters, say. Or 200.

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