Shop Setup Preference

So, I’m in a bit of a quandary. After meeting with a friend in game … Thanks for the tour @JupiterJones

Do you prefer shops … sorted by color # …so 1 through 255?

Or sorted by color base … and sub colors? So think …

Berry (base color)
Ashen Berry
Cold Berry
Dark Berry

I have done a great bit of work already, but semi regretting going the number route. Any thoughts?

Sorting by Color (easier to find but not very symmetric)


Sorting by Number (symmetric but hard to find items)


I prefer by number. I have the color number mod, so I always know what number I need. Being able to run down a hall to the number is very convieniant.

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I prefer colour group. It’s just easier visually in one place. But i will still buy no matter how it’s setup. No big deal :blush:


If you group by color it’s nice to still put numbers on the signs.

After that I’d honestly say whatever makes it more pleasant for you to sort and stock :sweat:


There’s only one sane way of sorting colour - Rainbow style, by group.

I know we’ve all been forced to work with spreadsheets, or web sites, or mods, just to be able to get a handle on colours in Boundless, and some of us have become reasonably proficient with colour numbers.

That said, if you’re organising colour for people, and you don’t want them to have to suffer the way we all have, then… Rainbow baby! Rainbow!

  1. Beacon name showing the way to your shop :smiley:

  2. sorted by group colors

Chart made by Heureka years ago, remumbered by Odeon, thanks again :smiley:


I’ve done both, both ways have advantages and disadvantages. I have settled on numbers, mainly because reclaims put them in that order. Sorting through 255 colours of goo kernels and pigments into colour groups is a time consuming process… numerical makes that process a lot quicker!


number? what number?
i see only color names in game. like - tint: rose
how to get their numbers?
i have to check every color at external site Boundlexx - The Boundless Lexicon
or given chart to see the color numbers


Like @econodog says reclaim is indeed by number sorted while not showing the number. (Maybe different for mod users)

I would prefer at all times stock sorted by color group.

Its extra work but worth it for the customers and when you restock only certain sold out goodies. The number sorted reclaim is handy though, you can read of a list with numbers what you got already and what you still need to obtain.

Would like to agree with @JupiterJones that best is to go the rainbow route but if youre limited in space because youre for example building in a mall, then i think its okay to be off the rainbow order. Each of the groups have different amounts so to make it a little more symmetrical and make it all fit it can be tough to mix and match and still stay kind of in rainbow order. I think being off rainbow is forgiveable. But the fact alone that its by color group sorted makes it so much easier.

I dont have trouble to adapt to number sorted stores i just take tripple as long to search for stuff like crazy. So if i can avoid a number sorted store because theres other well stocked competitors, yeah you gonna find me over there :upside_down_face:


Aaah #@%$ to add to my message, especially if youre off the rainbow order, its handy to add numbers just like @Nightstar said. I have a wip shop that is off rainbow order due to space and i added all numbers. I like to add a little symbol next to the number for convenience. In my case its an asterisk (*) symbolizing colors that have been found on exo and therefor have different pricing than the gleambow colors. Example would be rose gleam and vivid lime. Both had been very recently on an exo and i wouldnt charge them therefore at the same price like red and co. But you can use symbols also for other reasons like rainbow or gem i saw at some shops standing for exo colors. You could make even another symbol if you sell stuff that can be transformed by chisel or by crafting but are like that normally not available. So you show via symbol that the extra work is explaining a raised price. But symbols like that can be also added to the sign that says the shade of the color.

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You Already Suffering Organizing your reclaim into Storage so I say do whateva is More Comfortable for you so your having Fun :joy: :cookie:


Amusingly while working on the colors and stuff for the website I’ve been playing with I’ve come to realize that there really are no Gleambow only colors. Any color could show up on an Exo or Sovereign. I also feel charging 2000-5000 for a single piece of gleam is pretty silly.

Back on topic though … I prefer the color sorting myself and will probably redo what I’ve done even though I’ve already placed a ton in the shop.

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i think there are bleambow only colors rigth?
like RED gleam, it never appeared at any exo from the day exo were first time implemented, right? right?


Technically any color can spawn on any Exo or Sov … the odds are really against it, but still possible.

@Gorillastomp can probably give a little more insight into it as I remember a conversation on the odds of say red spawning on an Exo or Sov being super low but possible.

With the current setup some colors will never spawn on exo or sov.

Especially for plants grasss etc.

They would need to add/rework the worlds color specifications.

So there is definately only gleambow colors atm.


Personally coming from having a storage setup by number and now currently by group… I’d say group is alot easier for me. When I have X color I can run to that group color hall and it’s right there… While there I can see if I have and or need more from that group and or just grab all color from that group and just run down that hall and put them in their sections… So to me groups is the way to go. :grin:


I use numbers for color storage. I find it easier to find what I am looking for. That being said it is nice to see all shades of a color together.

Might have been easier to set up color groups with concurrent numbers in the beginning but too late now.


numerical also makes it easier to find. If I’m looking for a specific colour in grass, gravel, foliage etc, I look up the number in Boundless Information Station, then head over to Sydney Supplies and run along to the correct number. That ease makes your shop first checked.

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Im still torn on how I want to do it, but I do very much appreciate all the input.


@Redlotus I’d honestly say by group… coming from someone who has done both grouping the colors makes it soo much easier to put away items instead of running around to multiple areas to put away the same color group… I’ve seen your storage/shop etc… they are HUGE so grouping may seem the better solution for you imo :slight_smile:

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