Shop shutting down


If I get a bunch of playtime this weekend, I’ll see about getting 100 or so of each back on the shelf. Currently down to extractor, refinery and workbench coils again. Just need about 6 hours to farm the gems back up for 4 masscrafts of each.




Need billboard advertising in game!!! Lol


He has the best coils. For some reason I get 32.89% more power out of Peyago coils!

Personal experiences may vary.


im just hoping ill be able to amass enough cash to get some refinery coils before they run out :frowning:


How do I find your shop?


It’s in Blacklight, capital of Pheminorum.
The easiest way is through Ultima HUB: There is a giant Blacklight portal in the clock tower.
Take it, from there u arrive at the local HUB, look to your left and there will be a portal labeled West District.
Go into it and the shop is in that square (to your left if I remember correctly)

The shop has an open view design and only offers coils, so it should be very easy to spot.
Feel free to check out the rest of our community’s shops! the peeps got some nice prices and we also have a couple open spots for people who might like to build their own.


Awesome, thanks for the directions!


I picked up a bunch last night, thank you.

As much as I tend to be a “do it yourself” sort of person, I wasn’t looking forward to having to make 15 regular coils in order to start making advanced ones, where I would then eventually throw away the regular ones :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m much happier just kick-starting with the advanced ones, and “do it myself” for the advanced coils for the other machines.


I have to come grab a couple when I get more coin. I just bought a few.
Any items your looking for?


I’ll be buying some stuff once I start my build in a few days.

If I am out of a particular coil, check this person’s shop. Lake shop : workshop adv coils 8000 each

I just don’t have the time to spare to get my crafting queues going. Hopefully this weekend.


I’ve got the rest of the prep parts cooking right now and will be getting a few hundred coils cooking tonight. I should have at least 50 of all the coil types up by the end of the weekend.

Thank you for everyone who is purchasing and sorry for those of you who have showed up while I have been out of stock.

I’ll update tomorrow once I put them into the stands.


Updated stock. More cooking, but aren’t finished yet.


Updated OP. Thanks everyone.


Must say, I’m sorry to see your shop go but you gotta play the game in the way you enjoy it most so, I understand completely. Thanks for your great deals, Peyago! Go find your fun!


Thank you. It was a nice shop, bought 3 mixer coils.
Hope you find some fun.

Seems like a lot of shops shutting down today.
Wonder what that might mean?


Maybe the forging change is part of it?


Definitely doesn’t help. I don’t want to go back to getting 1 item every 4 forges that does what I need. So I’m going to start playing casually and just building. Don’t need to forge chisels for them to work correctly :smiley:


dammit… yur coils gave the most power!


Well, since I am no longer selling, the secret is crushed up hopper cores in the gem compartment.

Edit: Must be frozen before crushing or they explode.