Shop shutting down


Thank you for all who came and bought from me. I’ve decided to shut my store down since shopkeeping really isn’t my thing. If anyone would like my location in blacklight, please let @Rumplypigskin or @Aragorn know.

Now Selling a few Advanced coils (SOLD OUT, new batch next week)
Lake shop : discontinued thread

Very nice man


I just grabbed a few so thanks for the coils. :stuck_out_tongue:


Same, thanks for the bargains :smiley:


How low can coils market go… Lol


Also, if anyone would like to set up a shop in this little market hub, just let @Rumplypigskin know.


Yay the new shopping district!


The compactor coils have sold out, but there are plenty left of the other three.


Nice man youll have 4m in coil alone thats crayyyy


1k for adv coils, calling it


omg shopping district is complete AND a guildie is selling power coils for a kick ass price!


You can also find his shop from Ultima hub, find the Blacklight portal in the clock tower. After you go through the portal look to your left. The portal at the end will get you there!


What are the coords of your shop?



Here you go!


Thank you! Why do people give directions from a hub that people may or may not use rather than simple coords? If someone is buying adv coils they know how to get to a given coords.


In EA they were around 4-5k.


Yeah, but a lot of us had thousands of easy gems from the early meteor hunts. It also helped that a lot of us had the materials to make them when they came out.

Edit: I would love to see them that low again, though.


I just grabbed 4 refinery coils. Thanks, Peyago! I’ll be back for more at some near point in the future. :slight_smile:


I’m going to expand to a few more items and was wondering what people are having a hard time finding on the market, or everyday materials they find too expensive?

Edit spelling.


Peyago’s coils are the best in the game. Extra shiny!