Shop Size poll

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Shop Sizes most people will build on what does everyone prefer

  • 2x2
  • 5×5
  • Bigger

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If you selected Bigger what Size Store would you build on?
What is the preferred size?

I have something like the New dk mall being built but lots of 2x2 all the way around is that a good idea or should they be bigger trying to get opinions and active shops for my idea but want my place to achieve greatness with this small but great community

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Hmm it’s a difficult topic but why are you asking? Are you working on a mall? :wink: I believe it all depends on what you’re selling. Some people have many different items or do many different colors, then you need a big shop! Other people just sell their goodies that they don’t need anymore or focus on a small category of things. I’m not too much fan of the 2x2 myself even though we had that at the future mall. Yet is big enough for small businesses. My comfy zone is more like the 2x3 from DK Mall back in the days. When it comes to a small shop though. 3x3 like GTG has it currently seems big enough for most things and if it’s not enough space then more floors can be added. But if you have some specific fancy design or order, and do many things in different colors like gleam universe, Roxia, Sydney Supply, then 5x5 and bigger seems realistic.

Edit: maybe a mix of sizes?


my current “shop” is only half a plot so not much good but, as @May-L04 says, a mix of sizes (including smaller?) would be good… hopefully entice a wider range of shop keepers/builders and also make it look more interesting for buyers having a look round.


From experience it really depends on the shop and the player that owns it. One of the reasons we created the plot sizes the way we did in DK Mall was because people requested larger shops.

I moved my concrete shop to my sovereign simply because I needed and wanted more space. I could have made it multi-level though so that is always an option, but a shop 4-5 levels is a pain to make and also a pain to maintain and shop.

Lastly, I don’t think we need any more malls in the game there are too many now that are empty including new ones that were recently built if anything one on a sovereign would be best.


I think you’re best off offering an assortment of sizes. Some people will prefer a small, easily built and maintained shop.

Others will prefer more space for an epic shop-build with 100’s of stands.

Create different sizes so people can choose :slight_smile:


From a shoppers point of view, shop size isn’t the thing. It’s how the shop is laid out and decorated. I love variety and options.
Many many floors is great as long as it’s not cluttered, you can see what’s there and signs point out how to get around.
I don’t even step into shops that try to make everything ‘interesting’ by adding an item (torch/candle/plant) on TOP of the shop stand. If I can’t tell at a glance what’s for sale, I move on.
So to stick to topic, for ease of building … and to second May’s point …
How about building a specific size but if a shop keeper wants to have a larger space they get several of those pre-sized areas to build on. If someone wants a smaller place they can stick with the original stall size.
That way you can plan your build and end up with a variety of shop sizes once players start building shops.


I told her in private chat that one aspect is (I forgot to mention) that some newer players or older players with lack of materials have issues to fill up larger shops as in building a shop and smaller is then more attractive. I struggled myself back then on a 2x3 shop spot on DK Mall :laughing:


Where does that come from now? :frowning: I thought you dislike the concept of sovereign markets and malls!? :flushed:


That comes from my experience on Tana.


As someone who has been around a while and seen a few things, shops of all sizes can be useful depending on what you’re after. Smaller shops are usually more specific in what they trade, but larger ones obviously have more space to diversify. My two cents is probably closer to “mid-size” area shops. Usually they have interesting designs and one or two things I’m looking for. That’s probably what I’ll be building next.


Thankyou for Everyone’s Feedback and poll I know how I’m gonna build my shopping Center boop


If I ever make a proper shop I will ensure that I do one thing:

multiple beacons

That is for one thing and one thing only, allowing people to find stuff that’s not obvious, like colours, forges, etc.

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