Shop Stand Behavior


I recently sold out of items in several shop stands. Not all of the pricing info was retained by the shop stands.

I complained before and someone pointed out the price was retained as long as there were coins in so I left them until I could restock but it seems the shop stands each retained the price of one item, even though no coins were removed before I replaced inventory with multiple items that had been in there previously.

I wasn’t watching for this so i didn’t note whether it seemed related to the order in which the items were restocked or not. I again mentioned it to a friend and was told that this is unexpected behavior.

I sure do wish that they would retain the prices they’ve been programmed with.


Can you illustrate this with some example screenshots?


Ok, full steps to reproduce with pics for you guys.

Three shop stands each with a sample of related items at various prices:

I had a friend come and buy them out, and the pricing info is stored in the shopstand, along with the coins:
When I shift click in three (already priced) replacement items I get this:

On the third basket I just moved in one item, and it immediately cleared the other items from the pricing list, giving me this:

This is with coins still stored in the basket from the purchase of all three prior items.

Adding one replacement item is clearing the list and starting a new list with only the item currently in the shop stand, still at the old price.

The other items are dropped from the list immediately, and if added back to the shop stand will be seen as “new” items ready to be priced.


I have the same issue, I’ve just always thought shop stands weren’t designed to retain price info.


I did too, I didn’t even know it would save the one price until I randomly had stuff to restock when i was collecting profits one day. It saved the price and I was like, ohhhh yeah!

If you’re retailing it still means you need to restock BEFORE you collect profits I’m not sure that’s useful to folks that need those profits to restock. In any case a friend told me I should report this so, here it is.


I’ve not been able to reproduce this, although it might be as a result of other Shop Stand fixes. Could you check this again once the game is updated?


Slowly but yes i will.


Xaldafax reminded me of this today. I used a beacon from my newest alt and set up a testbed for this.

I placed three different types of berry into the stand and priced them, then i went and got another character to buy them, then I came back.

Here is the state of the shop stand after the purchase of the three berries:

Then I dropped in a replacement berry, like this:

After adding the replacement berry, you can see that he price list has been cleared and there is only one item there. If I decide to replace the raw starberry or the glossy starberry I will have to reprice them.

The pricing information is deleted even though the original profit is still in the stand.

i didn’t test any spinoff scenarios such as only buying two items and replacing one of them.


I had set up a shop stand with 1 of each gem chisel type in it. Someone bought two of them, but the stand retained pricing data for all 6. Even after profits were collected.

i had gems on hand to craft an amethyst chisel. I did that to see it’s effect on the shop stand. At this time I don’t have gems to craft a replacement emerald, but I will later.

For now, adding the amethyst chisel to the shop stand caused it to be available and priced correctly, but also deleted the pricing information from the emerald chisel from the list.

I’m compacting emeralds, but when I’m able to replace that chisel I’ll report the result. I expect I’ll have to price it but will test.

Adding the emerald chisel to the stand required repricing.

So it looks like something happens when a new item is added which clears the list of any items not currently in the stand.