[shop]-[the future] on xa frant

hello fellow members, due to my busy upcoming (2 months) I have limited my shops.
when I have more time, the items will be spread across the shops again!
since I have been working on a shopping area on Xa Frant with mixed resources (something for everyone)
this week+next I will be filling up the shop stands and the request basket area!

access directly from the Xa Frant Hub

accessible from

Ultima planetary hub
TNT Hub Network
Code Gleam Xa Frant
Omega Hub
DKMall Ultima Tree (Ground floor)

some items have been added so far

-EXO -Ashen Taupe 60,000 in stock
-EXO -Cool Lime 14,500 in stock
-EXO White 31,000 in stock
-EXO Cold Teal 6000 in stock

-Titanium bars 0 in stock
-Gold bars 24,000 in stock
-Silver Bars 9000 in stock
-Iron bars 45,000 in stock
-Copper bars 0 in stock

-EXO Start Viridian 26,000 in stock

-Emerald 0 in stock
-Amethyst 300 in stock
-Ruby 0 in stock
-Diamond 0 in stock
-Sapphire 0 in stock
-Topaz 0 in stock

-Emerald 567 in stock
-Amethyst 564 in stock
-Ruby 62 in stock
-Diamond 305 in stock
-Sapphire 305 in stock
-Topaz 1000 in stock

-Rift 166 in stock
-Blink 450 in stock

-Spitter scale 0 in stock
-Cuttletrunk tentacle 6 in stock
-Wildstock horn 0 in stock
-Hopper thermal core 0 in stock

-Spitter eye 2,100 in stock
-Hopper eye 0 in stock
-Roadrunner eye 0 in stock
-Wildstock eye 2,800 in stock

-Floatation sac 139 in stock
-Milk gland 63 in stock
-Adrenal gland 121 in stock
-Spark sac 16 in stock
-Thermal sac 13 in stock

-Bitter bean 389 in stock
-Spicy bean 264 in stock
-Sweet bean 1,400 in stock

-Mega instant healing 2,500 in stock
-Mega healing 200 in stock
-Mega smoothie healing 600 in stock

-Super-enriched 0 in stock
-Enriched 0 in stock


-White 140,000 in stock

This thread will be changed/updated daily


:relieved:hand trade preferred!:relieved:


(updated) more items to added within the next few days.

april 2nd 2020 currently restocked white marble and today will keep restocking white

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May i ask why theres no Portal seeker access ?

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good question I don’t know… maybe I think it is not needed since PS is within the capital and has a portal nearby. but if this is requested and preferred I can make sure this gets added.

Didnt knew you had them there. Makes sense that way

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updated, stuff selling out faster then i can keep up ooh well

more white added total 30,000 white marble

Add some wood items and i drop by.
Doors / poles.beams. etc. Usually i lack stylish ones those are that i buy usually as i feel stylish ones are the best looking ones out of those 3.

Im currently doing a massive tree house.
My tree mats are rdy but i lack interior items

If you have light viridian any kind… im hapoy to buy it ! Alrdy got storage blocks rdy but anything else is on my shoplist.

If you feel its not worth.

I dropped by in 1 shop and bought 60k worth of trunks. Maybe it convince you.

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I will definitely look into this and sort something this weekend
normally wood is not something I do but I got tons to work with.
give me some time :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Im specificly looking at all green colors

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my favorite color!

Pretty odd question but how mamy blinks its from xa frant to circa.
Was thinking maybe i could open a portal to you :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Theyre both EU so might work in reasonable oort amount

i think 6 conduit for 10 blinksecs

also are u looking more for exo type of green wood, dark wood or a light wood color?

I would prefer lighter colors.
Also exo is ok.

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updated 12th april 2020

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