'Should I Buy Boundless? The Game' a text adventure!


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I would disagree, because even though they believed that black people where not human it was still discrimination based on race “these people are black therefore they are not human”

Two different races can often interbreed two different species cannot, the word speciesist has actually been used before by people who believed that we where discriminating against animals.


I would say, historically it might be correct what @drthmik said but logically races are animals of the same species which you can differentiate. For example because each race of a species has a distinct head form or something like that.
And as you said two different species can not breed but two different races can.


When I sort by race in DwarfTherapist it lumps cats together with cats and camels together with camels. That’s the only use I’ve found for the term.


I assume DwarfTherapist is a game?^^
Maybe the devs behind it came to the conclusion that people are more familiar with the term race than species and therefore they used it as a synonym for species.


DwarfTherapist is a must-have tool for Dwarf Fortress. Dwarf Fortress is not a game, it’s a lifestyle choice.


Stop turning my cute jokes into a race discussion!


Shot it you speciesist, I am not listening to your reasonable arguments :stuck_out_tongue:


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well i whut buy boundless if i had the specs :bacon:


I have a laptop tjat doesn’t even have a dedicated graphics card and it runs hreat on it :slight_smile:


(2 years later :joy:)


Bacon is still delicious.


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