'Should I Buy Boundless? The Game' a text adventure!


We get asked, and see the question “should I buy Boundless now?” a lot. If you see it asked in a forum, Twitter, Steam or anywhere else, here is our answer today:

Boundless is an early access game, and in many way it’s more early access than many players will be used to. We launched Boundless as a crowdfunding prototype, with every intention to build the game with the players, for the players. That is still our intention, but as the game is now fully funded we want to make sure whenever you decide to join the Boundless universe you have a great time.

Different types of players will get a kick out of the game at different parts of the process. In that spirit: “should I buy the game?”. Here’s our recommendation in fun text adventure form:

"Are you a human being?"
Y: Continue, homosapien…
N: Boundless is not for dogs. We’ve told you before, dogs. This is not for you. Stop posting here.

"So you’re a human and you like the look of Boundless?"
Y: Okay, we like you too. Continue…
N: Do not buy Boundless yet, please come back for 1.0!

"Do you like to play games in Early Access?"
Y: You have a hardened shell, resistant to bugs. Continue…
N: You clipped through a wall and died. Do not buy Boundless yet, please come back for 1.0!

"Do you like to play early access games that don’t have a full suite of features and are unfinished or buggy?"
Y: You’re our kind of (crazy) player, please continue…
N: You clipped through a wall and cried. Do not buy Boundless yet, please come back for 1.0!

"Do you want to join in with the development of Boundless, through feedback surveys and community involvement?"
Y: You are so helpful! Please continue…
N: You clipped through a wall and didn’t tell us. So close! But really the best reason to play Boundless right now is to get involved with the development and awesome, creative community. We recommend waiting a few months, or buying Boundless at 1.0!

"Do you like bacon?"
Y: You are our kind of player! Please buy the game today!
N: You are an abomination. Do not buy Boundless yet, please come back for 1.0!

We hope that helps with your purchasing decision. Our ambition for 1.0 is that Boundless is a game for everyone, but until then we believe only the bravest/craziest/helpfulest should apply. We’d rather play with you at 1.0 happy, than have you now and sad.

Hope to see you in the universe of Boundless (at some point!)

Does anyone play this?

That’s racist.

But good post :smiley: I hope this will help people.


Yeah, whats wrong with being a dog? Hopefully I can guide my friends to this page…


Yeah, whats wrong with being a dog?

Well, for a start, the slobber makes the keys on my keyboard sticky. Also, chewmarks on the mouse. The worst part is the nose prints on the touchscreen.

No, I support the decision that Boundless is inappropriate for our canine compatriots. At least, in my house.


It’s a bit british / black but i like it :slight_smile:


Meh bacon meh, it ok and all but there is better meat.





Take a choice a well made steak or bacon? (I think we all know what the answer is)

Bacon is a nice addition to soup and such but for my meal I would rather choose something a bit more interesting.


Well made steak is

  1. beef
  2. an entrée
    Where as Bacon is
  3. pork
  4. meat candy
  5. good as a side with any meal or by itself.

Your argument is invalid.


whoa whoa whoa. As a vegan I’m offended by this.


The difference in meat type is not really an argument for why bacon should be better ^.^

Well yeah? I eat meat as food what do you?

[quote=“Havok40k, post:9, topic:3256”]
meat candy
[/quote]If I want candy you can get nuts that taste much better.

Bacon is deffiently not good as a side for any meal, it goes badly with a lot of oriental food, does not really work with a lot of classical danish dishes it basically destroy most of the good greek food I know and can hardly be used with any seafood without starting to overpower the taste.


Bacon… the answer is always bacon. :bacon: :bacon: :bacon:


Yum bacon with sauce and potatoes :wink:


NUTS ARE NOT CANDY! what type of sad world do you live in?!
now this… THIS IS CANDY!


take your brightly colored death chemicals elsewhere non organic-gmofree-ecofriendly-vegan-glutenfree-kaleflavored scrum!


No comments to the fact that @Havok40k called bacon something salty and smoked for candy? At least you can get nuts that is sweet :smile:

Sugar can be kinda unhealthy whereass you can eat nuts all day and satisfy your dietary needs.


Il flaunt my artificially colored artificially flavored high fructose corn syrup goodies as I so please!


My teeth just disintegrated at the sight of that.


I feel that “Do you like Bacon?” should be question #1


Etemology/history lesson
The word “race” MEANS species
that’s where “Racist” comes from
You see, back when slavery was legal in the Western world, there were a segment of the population that ACTUALLY believed that people from African ancestry were NOT human (they were of the black race, like the Canine race [dogs] or the equine race [horses]; and as opposed to the human race) this was their justification for treating and owning them like animals
because they believed they WERE animals
these people were the original racists

:rainbow: the more you know :star2: