Should I continue selling forged gear?

After this post one things is absolutely clear. This is the end of Forging as we know it. They’ve gone the route of listening to all the complainers who want everyone to struggle. Since that seems to be the case so be it. That leaves me and quite a few others I’ve been talking to with a dilemma. Since it seems Forging is going to be nerfed into oblivion and all the forged tools we literally need just to play the game are going to be taken away and/or become very very hard to obtain, should we continue to sell them? At this point I’m thinking I might as well just hoard as much of the the fogged tools I need just to play the game. It’s likely there will be no guarantee you’ll see a 3x3 hammer that is usable on a t6 or above again. I for one certainly am not going to go back to mining rock, soil, sand or any of the other things I need with 1x1 hammer, shovel or axe. Worse yet if it has some defect or quirk that makes is more of a hindrance than a help. The future of the game looks like a grind fest with unreliable tools at best. That may be fine for people like Crete who want to struggle to find good tools but what does that mean for the those of us who like to play casually? So I ask again. Is everyone for hoarding or continuing business as usual knowing the worst is yet to come?


I don’t believe its going to be the end of 3x3 T6 hammers. I trust the devs to come up with a clever solution, allowing us to still make these good hammers, at a decent cost.

To automatically assume it is going to be “the worst” is an incorrect way to look at it. It is just going to be “different”.

I am continuing to sell these 3x3 T6 hammers, because I feel if I don’t, I’ll feel silly when the update drops, and we all find out its just business as usual.


all I wanted to do once the game came out of early access was to craft and sell forged chisels and grapples.
Once I learned how insanely difficult this would be, I stopped playing.
the rarity of the items on this massive laundry list of ingredients put me off faster than you can come up with an analogy for it.
shimmering orbs is at the top of the list with probably the highest number of recipes that call for them. yet they are one of the rarest items in the game. so much so that it is actually rarer than the supposed-to-be-rarest shadow orbs.
I will be shutting down my shop in phem since I still can’t stock the items that I wanted to sell. I am SO far from actually being able to sell more than basic stone chisels and stone spanners.


I don’t know if you are still short on orbs, but Player @Serenity (dont know forum name) has been nice enough to setup a Shimmering Orb farm on Shedu, at the Aquarius Portal. Usually, i just go there and farm 18 orbs to make a recipe. about 5-10 minutes worth. I think it is totally worth the protection points needed, to get some quick orbs

that’s great but it’s not the proper solution.

there are a handful of other reasons I stopped playing but I wasn’t going to go off-topic. Shim orbs was just the catalyst. the final straw.

Lets work tougheter lemme gather stuff sell to you as save you time so you can focus on the expensive materials like gems titanium.
It shud help you and me in return sell your gear to me.
There is a lot gatherers out there willing to work

your cup is half full :slight_smile:
Nothing about nerfing in his comment. As I understood another post they did about forging, the idea was to make it cheaper/easier for new players to the machine so I would read between the lines there and view it as low level / basic forging will be everyones game which is good.

For those that have the skillz , I presume includes you? - your days are golden as you make the higher end stuff anyway that new folk could not possibly make - you make the cash still.


Cant play the game anticipating nerfs that may never even come. Just keep doin what you been doing until the announcement (but hoard a few for yourself just in case it does go bad :joy:)


Their roadmap to progression looked something like this but they didnt implement it right: basic forging is cheap but tools are defective, yet still viable; mid tier forging is more costly and can produce good tools, but not the best; then finally the high end forging can produce the best stats but tools are quirky.

Now, this might be alright if quirks weren’t about 95% punishments, but also it doesnt make sense why the best tools would have any kind of negative attribute. If anything quirks should be the mid tier when you no longer forge defective tools, and high end be the most expensive and hardest to farm for, but be the most rewarding.

Quirks should be mostly mild, with a few positive and a few negative

A positive is considered along the lines of the heavy sinking quirk as it doesnt really change anything important and lets you get to the bottom of water faster, a mild would be the funny noises for your tool and the bouncy if it didnt kill you, and a negative would be more along the lines of your tool sometimes hits a random block and loses twice as much durability.

Now, if they want to go along with high end tools should have quirks then i for sure wont be selling much of what i make, but will certainly keep selling. I wont be dropping my price to cretes price though and ill lose customers but thats less i have to make to sell anyways.

The unfortunate thing is the damage is done and a gem tool only costs about 3k to make opposed to the 10k it used to and shimmering orbs are worth more than gems

Yep once this forge reworks out i guess ill be fueling my beacon for the 6 month fuel and leaving for now. Maybe after new years things may look a lil better. Nerfing the only tools that can help get things done faster in this game is the absolute worst route it can go at this point. Good job devs running off the people who wanted to stay for the long haul.


Our delicious #4 combo that used to come with a burger, fries and a drink is now going to come with a burger, drink and dog turds. But we aren’t supposed to complain shh

So tired of this dev mindset present in every game like, “WHAAAT?!? PEOPLE ARR USING THE BEST ITEMS/METHODS IN THE GAME AND IGNORING THE CRAPPY ONES? How dare they!”

I think you should just let me dispose of them all for you, it’s quite a time consuming and lengthy process which involves me tapping away at blocks with each one until the wear bar goes from yellow to red and then eventually the tool disappears. It’s normally quite an expensive undertaking but I’m willing to offer my services for free in this particular case :grin:


Forged hammer AoE effects currently have the Integer Problem. Sometimes in game design you want to scale an effect but you can’t use fractions because they don’t make sense; e.g. there’s no such thing as collecting a third of a block, or a third of a gem. So the game has to round up to the next integer. Suddenly you’re breaking multiple rocks at once and the power curve climbs quickly.

Devs didn’t like players bomb mining because it broke their expectations for how quickly resources can be gathered. I’m sure that is a core stat to how they’ve balanced the rest of the game because whenever players figure out how to mass gather they come in with nerfs. Well now gem hammers are performing at or better than bomb mining. This puts them on the devs’ radar. I’m sure “forge rework” is an attempt to be more diplomatic after the bomb mining nerf, but I would wager the only thing they care about in the entire forge system is clamping down on mass production of 3x3 AoE. They probably intended that effect to be a jackpot rare reward, not the next step in mining progression. Because really, where do we go from here? How do you make a better hammer that isn’t 3x4, 4x4, etc? What a silly progression. We were hitting single blocks and then suddenly we’re strip mining planets.

That’s my theory on dev motivations. They see mass gathering as the cause of other game problems and they need to address it. They have all the data and the vision for the future so I’m always inclined to let devs propose nerfs and accept that they want them on good faith for the game. They are the ones with financial incentive to keep the game alive.

The players’ response so far to a 3x3 AoE nerf is pretty irresponsible IMO. Does anyone really think they are healthy for the game at their usage rate and power? Is this how you would scale the power curve if you were responsible for tool progression? If you answer yes you need to then explain how other areas of your economic design anticipate sinking a sudden 9x influx of resources. Hint: you’re going to make recipes cost 5x as much or whatever so that the power curve is really only a ~2x growth. Of those two choices, wouldn’t you rather just keep recipes as is and tone down AoE multipliers?

Players are thinking of themselves first. They invested in making hammers and want the return on their investment. Or they planned a region-sized city on the assumption that they could gather 50 stacks of rock in an hour. And those fantasies won’t come true if the devs have their way so the player enters an adversarial role with the devs.

The players on the forums are the big brothers of the rest of the playerbase. We have a responsibility to sit between the devs and the average players and mediate. It’s a judicious responsibility and when we bring our personal desires into making decisions that are meant to impact the health of the entire game we are hurting the game.

So yes, you should continue to sell forged gear. Maybe don’t get too far ahead of demand if you’re worried about the hammers becoming useless, but my guess is they will become hard to make and we will be able to exhaust the remaining supply untouched; the supply will just dry up. Shopkeeps, place your bets! Do you stockpile or wind down? Are you a bull or a bear?


I believe it’s the combination of top end power with very high +durability forges that is the problem. Combined with the trade system/economy stall, we don’t have enough gems exiting the game at a balanced pace through breaking tools/craftable items.

I don’t really have a problem with the current scaling of 3x3 forges because gem equips are midgame on the aggregate scale with blink and rift on the horizon; however, the current state of Boundless puts gem tools at the end game.

If you think forging equips will either be too difficult or a grind you can’t sustain through commitment, then it may be wise to stop selling them in the hopes that a stockpile of them can catapult you to where you need to be once the next tier is released. If you really enjoy this game and people are buying or trading for them, I say do it. Money runs out, tools break after mining a smart stack of gems… just live your life haha


Not sure what you mean.

There was a post earlier with a screenshot where someone ended up with a max forged item with twice as much vigor as he started with.

If there is only one way to make forged goods, out of 2-3 dozen forging reagents, then the system is broken.

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With respect to forging or other gameplay, I have a difficult time taking what anyone says around here with any real seriousness. Alot of the player feedback is filled with half truths that simply do not look at the big picture of the game. Everyone has their own agenda.


New players to forging want certain aspects of forging nerfed so they can catch up to vets. Vets to forging dont’ want certain aspects nerfed because they want to maintain their competitive advantage on forging. Or simply don’t want to learn new methods should devs change it.

And yet others claim if you change forging now, then you lose some players. What does it matter if you lose players now or lose players in 2 months because forging isn’t changed? If you don’t change it, you have more powercreep with more players min/maxing forging. This means more supply and more competition anyway. So the idea of keeping forging as it is doesn’t make sense.

I really think the community takes too much of a short term view on these things and need to look at the longevity of the game. And from a long term view, forging should be tweaked and adjust better.

Instead of us looking at how forging affects us, wouldn’t we better served if we looked at how forging affects the entire playerbase?



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I won’t be selling tools anymore only trading for the materials to make more.

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Again, too much in my head space you’re renting. You nailed a lot of my thoughts and concerns down pretty well there. The community by and large has a very hard time extracting itself from their position on an issue and looking at the macro discussion / issue at hand.

When devs ask for feedback people need to concentrate on the numbers and not hyperbole. If people can’t do that then they need to just not delve in to the discussion. When devs propose feedback threads, there may need to be a higher bit of moderation planned for the first few days to make sure the conversation stays constructive and on point. People can offer dissenting view points with out resorting to fear mongering.