Should levels = stats upgrade?

This is sort of birthed from other posts. I just did a quick catch up of unread threads that I had.

The question of skill points being spent on crafting, hunting, building, ‘exploring’ or stats, has been a thing by the looks of it.

What I was wondering was if you just received these points at level ups instead.
Currently there are 8 levels of each core attribute, and then there are 5 levels of +2 to each.
What if these were just all averaged out so that every 5 or 10 levels you got a stat upgrade?

I’m lvl 21 and I’ve bought 2 levels in Power, and that’s it. Mainly because there’s stuff I’ve wanted to build/craft, then I’ve got high jump 1st level, 3lvls in slingbow and 1st in Widescan.

With auto stat-ups, I’d be able to head off to the moon worlds reasonably comfortable with mob slaying and mining, and be able to craft what I need to make a go of it.

I would probably leave Luck and Energy stats as optional, since they seem a little more specific to your preferred play style.

Aaaaaanyways, that’s my thoughts. Shame I can’t type coherently :stuck_out_tongue:


The one thing I was thinking was that, if you’re gonna spend skill points on stats, the stats should uptick with each deeper level. They’re all +10, so each level you add shows less and less results. Even if the cost was higher, it’d still be nice to see a heavier return, rather than marginal increase each time.

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Ehh… I feel like this would cause all players to feel really similar at higher levels. I rather like the discrepancy between miners, fighters, and crafters stats.

I would like to see some things level up passively though, including vitality, health regen, and bag space. These particular skill points are essential enough to all classes at higher levels that it would be appropriate to lift the burden of having to take these skills and would allow for more fun choices. Vitality and regen could still have some ranks to level into as well to benefit certain other classes above and beyond the base rate gained.


It’ll only make players similar at high levels depending on how you scale the attribute bonuses you pay skill points into.

E.G. If you convert them to percentage+base boosts, it’ll take you in a totally different direction.

Maybe this is more about having more skill points earlier in the progression for you to spend as you level up so you can change between a single upgrade or multiple upgrades in different areas.


That would definitely be better! Just like how skill point (sp) allotments on other MMORPGs are implemented (also feels more rewarding). Or probably make the Attributes tree to only consume 1 sp instead of 5 (not sure what’s the idea behind making the smallest sp allotment is 5)

This would help in further specializing your character. For example:
Paladin type - invests 3sp in vitality and 2 in power
assassin type - invests 3sp in power and 2 in agility

Which I think would make leveling up more fun :slight_smile:

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Maybe split the whole skill tree in two trees. Then you can get 1 char point and 5 skill points in the first 10 lvls. 2 char points and 10 skill points in the next 10 lvls etc. So you can have the ability to make char wise decisions for CP like str. Dex. Luck and later on the resistance against the weather. The skill tree with the SP will have skill based things like crafting mastery. Sorry for bad English.


It feel a little hard to level up, and not got enough points to get something for it.

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