Should we have more permissions? Poll

Would you support a new “Permission” that allows people to use your machines freely, but not have access to storage?

Please submit any other new “Permission” ideas you have.

I’m worried new players aren’t going to realize, when they reach the “Plot Permissions Objective” that they are allowing friends to take their storage items. I think people might get robbed and griefed because of misunderstandings.

  • Yes, a new permission, so all machines I own can be used, but no item may be taken out of storage.
  • No, I don’t want this permission to be added.

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Below is an example of an idea of mine, please share your own examples:


A little more detail to permissions would be very nice, yes

what i want is being able to have granted acces to other players beacons when they offline for when im working on a city i can allow people to help on public plots owned by ofline players if they alow this offcoarse


My only concern is whether or not the game reads the internal storage of the machine as a storage block as well, but this would be much easier on me if this permission existed.


Do you mean permission for @everyone?

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I’m not sure if he does, but that would be a cool permission option as well

I elaborated more on my idea. I nearly allowed a complete stranger permission to use my plot, but decided against it, because I didn’t want to risk getting robbed.

So the social aspect of the game failed there, because I was more concerned with getting griefed.

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Problematic would be the handling of the produced items: Should everyone wo is able to use the machine also be able to take what has been produced or only those items he produced? … and how is then the content maximum of the machine handled?


Those are more complicated questions, but I would assume storage means storage of any kind, including built-in machine storage.

However, given my experience and hesitancy to share permissions for fear of being robbed, I think the sooner a new permission is added that excludes all Storage Items, the better.

A lot of new players at Launch may find themselves being tricked into granting permissions and being robbed of everything. It’s absolutely exploitable right now and I think there’s a risk people are going to ruin the new game experience for people by saying, “Hey, have you done the Plot Permission mission yet? It gives great XP, here, let me show you which one to choose, haha tricked you! Thanks for all your stuff!!!”

Wait, why not just put your machines in one plot with one set of permissions and your storage in another plot with different storage? Or, use a lock? These functions are already in game.

And if somebody does do a scam or trick somebody and rob them, there is a “report player” button to bring it to a GM’s attention.


I always keep storage right next to my machines, and I haven’t found any “lock” feature or item yet.

I also find putting a giant beacon in every plot i want to grant permissions kind of unsightly. I’d rather a UI was developed.

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You can remove or bury the beacon controller.


instead of the beacon option why not just make is a machine Permission interface that way we wont need to use the beacon for it :slight_smile: tho it might be alot of work for the devs. Alsothey should make locks work even if you allow anyone to use machines and storge in the live server

It sounds like a thread on the type of permissions and details around it should be started so the developers can look into a revamp of the permissions structure…

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See below.

edit removed picture, and made it into a suggestion post with separate poll to keep topics separate.

It’s possible to work around the issue. but for example my factory is in the basement of my building. I could move my factory but it would be nice to just have more permissions. Not the end of the world though I guess…


ahh didnt see that but <3 it

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@MinerDiggerMan have you bought the game yet?

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I’ve had it for a while actually…