Should you buy this game?

  • Yes, I should buy this game.
  • No, I shouldn’t buy this game.

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Add justifications and juxtapositions.


grappling hooks
“raids” (hunts)
single shard MMO
get coin when people visit your property


Definitely best minecraft’ish sandbox experience, beside that it’s better than minecraft like 10 times :smiley:


money and coin and money and coin

business in Boundless :ok_hand:


Basically you can decide wich kind of experience you want to have, whenever you want: sandbox/creative, gather resource/crafting, economy, adventure, MMO… and in evolution! I had no regreat at all.
[EDIT] p.s.: and the community… the community of this game is awesome :stuck_out_tongue:




You shouldn’t buy this game unless you’re ready to lose 1000+ hours of your life on one of the greatest games out right now.


You’re hilarious. Har. Har. Har.


it depends on what type off gamer you are and what you expect from a game
i cant answer this lol


you shouldnt buy this game… this game requires research… if you did that you didnt had to make this post


Good to see @james voting yes. I’d be worried otherwise.


He has the game… this is meant to be some kind of guidance for other people wanting to buy the game…


I know as a dev I should be voting yes, but the inner anarchist “so” wants to vote no.

I’ll refrain from voting due to clear bias… yeh, that works.


I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy this game until developer adjusts game balance to when novice can start game easily.

The current craft system are too complicated, resource collection is too difficult, and death punishment too heavy. If new players without any help, they will forced to left the game (maybe forever).

In the past month, I have discovered many beacons of novice around my residence (a nice place, plain, with lake, undergrund mine, forest).
But most of them are not returned game after they own a workbench, eventually plots are returned to nature. :thinking:

In the early of buying this game, I gave a bad review because I was taking a lot of detours because of bad newbie guidance.
After playing for 100 hours, I changed my review because I’ve found this game at least did not look so bad lately.
But I want to give a bad review again, now.
If that I’m not had previous resource reserves and reached level 50, I’m likely to fall back to the Stone Age directly from the Gem Age.


minecr#4% is not allowed to be spoken in these forums. It’s a cursed title that ancient Oortians feel hostility for. Creepers aint got nothing on our Cuttles.


I think I’ve realized there is a larger overlap between people who play Minecraft/casual games and Boundless compared to people who play MMOs and Boundless.

Minecraft is an incredibly easy, non-grindy game where you can automate the acquisition of most resources in the game with a decent bit of effort.

Boundless seems to be more of an MMO than a casual game, and in MMOs… you grind, grind, grind.

I don’t know if we just need to grow more of the target audience of MMO players, or if there should be a happy medium found between MMOGRINDFEST and happy-casual land. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


But Boundless is a hybrid of SandBox and MMO.
It will attract the union of these two kind of audiences.

Developers have promised private mode (single player or private server), I don’t worry about its development in the sandbox side.
But on the MMO side, the growth curve needs more polished.
According to the current growth curve, players may abandoned MMO.

The reason why the game did not show a significant economic collapse after this crafting update is because the player has capital accumulation at previous version.

But I noticed - I have been at a loss.
I’ve used up almost all the gem tools I made in previous versions, but I still haven’t collected enough gems to make engines.
But at least I still have coins - so I spend coins to buy tools from other players and continue working.
At least, older player have enough resource to sell.
This is the case of the average player with original capital accumulations.

But when you officially release the game and clear all EA data to reset the world, all players starting from zero will be …?

Casual Gamers vs. Boundless vs. MMO Players

@Flithor Your totally on point with your analysis. Your two post made me think about something interesting I have been observing.

  1. I periodically roam looking for beacons that have gone dark. I have the MC Factions deep in my blood. In scavenging I get a really idea of where somebody was at when they quit the game, and it is always the same point they had built their first couple of machines. So they were working with copper and iron when they quit.

  2. I am watching the player count on steam stats and the player base is continuing to grow as of the last few months.

Which makes me wonder are a lot of people coming back but only a few are staying?


I think it is necessary for developers to take a look those bad reviews from players who played less than one hour or played hundreds hours.
Obviously, recent bad reviews all think those newest craft recipes is too bad.


I think the new content that the latest update has brought is a good thing. It might not seem like it at first to some players because they’re probably thinking how on earth are they going to have time to gather all the necessary resources to make everything, let alone the time involved and that it’s just going to end up being one massive grind. But all the new content brings diversification. It means that some people can specialise in making or finding certain things simply because there is too much for any one person to do. I’m hoping that eventually things will settle down with regards to the in game economy as individuals can start finding their niche.
There definitely still needs a lot of work to be done on certain resource balances and availability and identifying the unnecessary bottle necks but that’s why this is early access. It goes without saying that’s the same for the skill system etc.