Show machine condition bar with worker permission

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This is kind of old but still existing visual issue with machine condition bars.

Currently game shows machine condition bars, only if character has engineer permission (able to add/remove functional items).
I am suggesting, like it has been done before, that machine (and coil) conditions would be shown

  1. Always or with own option on game menu.
  2. Or at least when character has worker permission on beacon.

Anyone with spanner can repair machines, so hiding this data from players is more hurting than giving. Players who want to make screenshots can anyway hide UI when needed.


This would be nice. I help another player craft their rocks and when you’re staring at a wall of 100 of the same color crafting table, the only thing you have to go on to differentiate them is seeing the crafting timer UI and condition bar on hover. Without that you must tediously check every machine.

As a worker it’s also beneficial to my job to understand which machines are worn down so I can avoid them.