Show off ur machine - coil setups?

EDIT : In the process of moving and expanding my base and looking to see if there are any nice machine and coil setups that people have found. So show em off. Have fun everyone

Make sure to ad if fully powered pls

heres some I’ve found but idk yet

If u want mate u can come visit me on xa frant and I’ll show u how I’ve setup mine currently

You can check the exterior of my workshop and I’ll post the insides later.

Go to tnt and find my portal it says omeyocan, then go to the red pyramid and down to the bottom follow the portals and you’ll see 2 different setups

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Lol, it seems I’m not the only one who has trouble getting a good screenshot of workshops… if you want you can take most major portal networks to maryx then to deku, mine is under the tree there.
Edit: it’s also like, 2 min from cuetz ^ lol


Hey still looks amazing my friend wants to do it like that tyvm for the screenshot

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This one is jus placing the machines vertically and put the coils around it.


This one is more complex but saves a lot of space because you can put machines as close as possible to the next one


Pretty nice wouldn’t expect anything less from u @Cuetzpalomitl

Oh I should add that I only use 14 coils per machine.

I went with an in-ground setup with precise chisels allowing the top to be even with the floor. This lets me run around without getting stuck or slowed down.

Here is the floor below.


That’s pretty nice. I love the colors on top. Pretty great builder u are. What chisel?

Hi density, full coils:

And a super packed basement

Something a little more spacious:

Here’s my little workshop built when we had to repair each coil separately:

Those are 10 coils each, and you can easily move between them to repair all the coils.



Diamond Precise Belve Chisel

i do a similar thing and hide them in the floor (always have) but closer to the wall with 1 coil above the machine for easy repairs but i only have 1 of each machine so no insane machine/coil setup.

dude your setup is mental.

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This for both you and pajew. If you need a decent screen capture freeware, check out ShareX. I use it for all my screen caps.

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Thanks I think :crazy_face:

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Ty nightstar does it bother u I might copy the rows? It looks amazing

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Hey thanks for all the feedback ur guys could are all great. Awesome job

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Not in the least. There’s only so many ways to pack them in, after all.

I didn’t really highlight the high density area of my forge but there’s a slightly different version there if you want to come by and see it.

I build the factory into a building that was originally meant for something else so it’s packed tight. The forge was more purpose built so it’s a bit less cramped and more decorative.

I still like ur setup