Sideways pyramid slopes

As I was finishing my jewel, I came across a problem, you can’t make sideways pyramid slopes!(or atleast I wasn’t able to)

So I’d like to suggest that sideways pyramid blocks would be made available, rather than making small corner blocks instead of them.

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It can be done, but i have found dificulties when the block i want to turn into slope has another block on top of it. Im not sure but i think its mostly blocks that arent walls or edges(the ones that fill the figure). U could try removing the block on top, make the first level of your “diagonal ramp” and then build the next level

edit: i had no problems making this one but I have encountered the issue you point when making slopes from gleam

I’ll assume you didn’t quite understand what I meant.

So what I wanted to chisel is the type of block presented in the above screenshot on right(the pyramid block), but so it fits correctly into the spot I’m aiming in the screenshot in my original post. I did try to make it few times but always ended up with the small corner block(left one on the above screenshot).

But it seems so far it’s only possible to make them as shown on this posts screenshot and upside down.

edit: I did figure I could do it as you’ve done your ramp, but I’d like to do it as it’s coming at the moment so that is why I made this suggestion(and since there seemed to be not yet another thread regarding this).

Oh, sorry my bad i thought you needed to do the opposite lol. I see what you mean now. I believe there is way of making the right side slope to go with those new “cut in half diagonal wall” it has to be below one like the one highlighted on your first pic. (English is not my 1st language so im doing my best), is this is any way near to what u wanted it to look? if not i give up lol but i think I at least deserve the Effort badge xD

Yes I figured I could go that way, but since I had it planned the other, I tried it, but as it’s not possible at the moment I decided to make this suggestion, so perhaps in the future it would be possible.

What is a sideways pyramid slope, exactly? I can’t get a mental visualization of what you’re looking for.

the block that has a square on the bottom and just one vertice on the top. Like a asymmetrical pyramid.
And that block tilted to the side.

Basicly what @KuroKuma said, but I did this crude screenshot edit so hopefully it clears up what I mean:

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I’m not sure we support this shape. @dave?

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I undestand it could make some wierd stuff in randomly generated environments, but could it be exculed from the shapes your generator uses and only included for chisel?

I may have to play with the angles when I get home, but I noticed that the sides of your shape are all in even increments of two (the inside is a 4x4 cube, correct?)

I find that making circular or spherical objects works much better when you base it off an odd number (3 or 5 in this case), otherwise the angles won’t match up nicely. Try that scaling and see if it matches better?

That said I’m not sure what your exact design is aiming for and may not work with the context.

Best of builds to you!

I’m sorry for bringing up this thread, but I’ve been thinking this lately and could the shape be made player placed blocks only shape or chisel only shape and perhaps add a new tool for shaping naturally placed blocks, ie. hoe.

Here still hoping this could make it in the game. :sweat_smile:

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