Sign giving me ***********?

May be a bug may be user error but on my signs today when in the last line i was trying to say p - 1c and the sign kept coming out like this… Any ideas?

happened on two different signs and i even destroyed the sign and retried same thing.

just thought it was odd

S - 2/15/27 P - 1C is a very, very offensive, I can’t comprehend how a descent Oort can even write those things, unless you meant S - 2/15/27 P - 1, in that case it’s an honest mistake.

And… back to real world, it’s profanity filter, it seem to be acting strange with some letter and words combinations. But devs are fine-tuning it after report like yours :slight_smile:


Have you tried puting another character in between 1 and c? Sounds obvious, and that may not even fix the issue. Whatever you are typing is triggering something to display the asterisks. I would also try using something else instead of the slash inbetween the numbers. Try changing the format of what is displayed basically. Good luck!

It thinks you’re trying to bypass the filter and write a offensive slang word towards Mexicans. It is spelled similar to spice. Minus a certain letter.

It is definitely the S character that is triggering the aterisks in the second line. I can replicate it 100% and changing the S to anything else makes the sign display the message

Now it is the P! It just wont work in this format. It works if you do B P S but not B S P.

Type coin in at the end and not just C. That will fix it too

I am telling you, its triggering because of that word, he could use the S too, but only when he removed the C, It thinks he is trying type like this. “SP1CE” Also, I am not going to type the actual word. But you get the point.

this Made me laugh lol thank you


I think you nailed it.

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Thanks for the report. This has been added to the bug database.

As @Iniquitouslegion has determined - this is hitting an offensive term.

The issue is that the profanity filter is attempting to stop terms that are masked by additional characters. So for example using “word” as a base, things like:

  • w o r d
  • w-o-r-d
  • w/o/r/d
  • w1ord
  • w0rd

So it’s a false positive.

I will look at tweaking the algorithm especially when numbers are used.


@james It will never be perfect james, just make it so numbers can only represent one alphabetic letter… example 1 can == I but 11 =/= I… No matter how complicated it is, people will always find a way around it… over complicating it, just makes a lot of false positives.

Python? Must be 10 characters

eh, I just feel they are over complicating somethings, that in the end is pointless. They attempted a filter, that is more then enough to warrant the 7+ rating… anything else is wasted resources, on something that no one in the history of mankind can make perfect, without completely turning off chat. They should also enable whispers cross planet… It’s stupid not too, it forces players to use a 3rd party program.