Signs for Portals


So I was curious what people think about portals and signs.

Part of me can agree that it is helpful to have them so you know where you are going. But also for almost all portal hubs or networks once you learn where a portal is you know it by heart and the sign is not needed.

Also when exploring it is kind of cool to not know where that portal leads and you go through it to find out. If you knew where it led, you likely would not go through because you already know the town. So having a sign can cause less portal use since people will only use the ones they know about.

So I just figured I would do a small poll to see what everyone thinks about this?

  • Portal Signs to Destination are a MUST
  • Portal Signs to Destination are OPTIONAL
  • Portal Signs to Destination should NOT be listed (keep it a surprise)
  • I will still go through a Portal whether it has a sign or not because I am curious where it goes and like to explore.

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They make more sense in areas full of portals, and big areas, where you need a lot of time moving from portal to portal to check where they lead.

I have 4 portals built close, facing each other on abridge so I dont use signs. If you stand in the middle you read in-game info about them simply turning around.


Thank you everyone that voted.

I’m happy to see that people do feel overall that signs are optional at portals and that most just love the thrill of looking through that portal to see where it goes!