Signs of life from the devs?


Why communicate when you have nothing to say…yet.

There is no community manager…bummer…but hey guys I am as impatient as the next one to get some knowledge on updates but it is a game in constant development with a small team just bare with it and enjoy boundless as it currently is.


I just discovered the reason some people are upset lol.

This is bomb mining all over again.

What? We know tons about farming. We know that sunlight isn’t required, we know we probably get placeable liquid and lava, that the crops we farm can be used for dyes, and it’s safe to assume the rest of farming is just creating foods and buffs, as well as the prestige crops.

Don’t we know pretty much all of it now?


That hits the nail on the head on exactly why no information should be provided. People will use the information to take advantage so they can get the fastest reward and make the most cash off others that are slow, or whatever.


Actually, in my case, I’m working on a big and complex build, and I wanna know how farming will work so I can make proper plans for how much space I will need, how and where I’ll make the water/lava flow, etc.
Not making any devious economic plans.


I understand the frustration of planning ahead, but what happens after the farming update, when there’s another update 3 months later that might completely upend your build? This is just the nature of MMOs. Things change. Gotta adapt.


If nobody knows before the update, then everyone is on a level playing field. If the forums players learn it before live, then the large portion of non forum users are at a distinct disadvantage.



Devs: “Not today”


Greaaaaaat idea. Then let’s remove the testing servers, and let’s not make any “testing” threads for updates either.
That gives such a bad advantage to players who test things… :expressionless:

There will ALWAYS be the players who search for info, and players who only play the game.
You can’t expect people to play the same way. Same as you shouldn’t expect every player to like experiencing the game the same way as you.


Oh yes I agree, and I’m not being ironic either. Please. Testing servers need to be restricted to dedicated testers only.


While you’re at it, we should close the forums altogether, or at least the devs should stop posting concept arts. It ruins your sense of surprise.

All jokes aside, I’ll keep the stance that there’s something missing between “here a concept-art with 0 context or explanation, and maybe some info lost in the massive walls of text below” and “here’s an official thread with an explanation of what’s coming for those who wanna know” like most game-developers have.



Based on what I know and feel is safe to share:

  • There are different types of crops that you can grow that will come from seeds you find. I don’t have an exact amount of crop types that I can post because I didn’t write it down.
  • All players can farm (even at new level) and each crop has a yield that is base amount and a return on seeds (not 1 to 1 ratio so you have to get seeds again at some point).
  • I don’t know how large a farm plot needs to be but I assume it can be 1 block or 1000 blocks and you just get the yield based on the base amount times the size of the plot.
  • To increase yield you have to optimize your farming. This is not easy and needs some work based on a variety of criteria. I don’t know every detail on how it works and don’t want to give too much away either or steer people in the wrong direction.
  • Water/Lava should work exactly as they do now in how they flow. They are supposed to only flow in your plots and not outside.
  • The color system is easy in some ways and harder to do and requires multiple planets and different steps. See it as a more late stage process not a new user process. That is all I feel comfortable sharing at this point.


Even if there isn’t anything to say, a simple “no news yet, we are still working hard on the next update and will update when we’re ready” goes a long way.

I’ve seen speculation on these forums over the past week that they’ve moved onto another project, the company is folding, the game wont be updated anymore and all this other nonsense. I feel a simple “no news will turn into good news” post would quell a lot of that drama.


Thanks for that, but the point is, I’d rather get that from the devs themselves, y’know?
I don’t think the players should have to relay that type of info between themselves, and have their sources lost in the depths of the forums.
With mouth to ear, some things get lost, others get twisted.


We know tons about farming. We know that sunlight isn’t required, we know we probably get placeable liquid and lava, that the crops we farm can be used for dyes, and it’s safe to assume the rest of farming is just creating foods and buffs, as well as the prestige crops.

What we don’t know are the crop grow durations, and the optimal setup of water to crop placement. I’d say we know most of what there is.

This is all from what the devs have said on these forums.


I completely understand. That is why sometimes I don’t know if it helps to share or not or if I should.

I do hope that some of that can help in your build planning even though likely it doesn’t. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I saw that the first time, don’t need to re-post it, dude… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
You’ve missed the point. That info is lost somewhere. I’m pretty sure you didn’t read that in the first message of a properly labelled official thread.

As far as I’m concerned, the only proper official info we have on farming is the one James posted where he listed the things that farming meant. But that was quite some time ago.


yeah to know was up you need be on top off the forum
i source all my info from random topic’s


Actually, the “heads down and work” tactic after previous communication has caused problems can perhaps be a viable option for a smaller team; Hello Games pulled it off quite well. Although I and most other fans did get a little confused and/or grumpy until we knew that WAS what they were doing for sure, once we knew, the bulk of the fan base has not only accepted it, but it has become almost a game decrypting the oftentimes vague messages we do get. Sean Murray pretty much has a pseudo-cult now - that guy could post a video of himself farting to Twitter, and it would get thousands and thousands of likes, spawn dozens of new theories, and be featured in a few discussion videos by the premier fans about what it may mean for future updates.

… Not saying this crew should go THAT far, of course. :rofl: But it shows it can be a viable tactic, to just give us information as-needed, listen, and get to work.


I think some of the Boundless players are still being spoon fed.

Shutdown the forums, OP says.

Not enough ‘communication’, OP says.

Waah Waah Devs, spend more time with me.

OP has a lackluster sense of perceptive skills.

OP, go eat something.