So I’m making the obvious connection-Minecraft. Minecraft had wooden signs that you could write things on. Now for the important bit-Making signs better. Minecraft only has wooden signs, but I think Oort should have wooden signs and stone signs and maybe even banners or tapestries that we can write on, because I like decoration and having two large slabs of stone surrounded by lava outside of my large trap filled fortress telling people to go away is the best decoration. Maybe for certain sign types there can be options for colored writing.


more importatnly what kinda palette are you going for in the interior of your doom fortress? A soulless black or a murder red? maybe both? Oooh and what are you doing for the centerpeices on your tables? Smoldering skulls of your enemies or crushed skulls? Very important decoration questions here.

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i suggested it and they have seen it. ben said they have already planned to make things like signs and bulleting boards :smiley:


oh good glad thats covered.