Simple Question about farming

Is it possible to farm on sloped ground? or only on flat horizontal ground?

Yeah, sloped blocks can take crops with no problem. You could technically have a crop pyramid, though I think that would take a bit of tinkering to get the max yield rates. :thinking:

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sweet, thank you for the info and inspiration :slight_smile: after seeing some of the talk about test server farming i realized my current farm building has so little farmable space so slopes provide more opportunity for me :slight_smile:

I wondered about the sloped farm…here’s my version.

White lanterns all have full bonus, top to bottom, the red lanterns are a little short because they’re on the edge of the plot.

Side on view, with @Stretchious’s sand/water block sandwiched in between, all other soil blocks are tilled. I should point out, under that first whole block on the right of the left most slope on the first row, is a sand/water block.

I wonder if @james has an opinion on the blocks staying tilled despite having blocks put on top of them? Is this a system thing we should be looking out for :stuck_out_tongue: especially in my use here that makes zero sense :smiley:


mine loooks very similar, in the farmers united village i have the slope layer then beneath that anothe slope layer with space for water to freely move downhill underneath it. though the lighting issue has me purplexed and its just on either side going up on the same slope slant in parrallel. you can find it on the giant hill, Algamar Farms.

ill post a pic soon

since im remodeling the farm, only so much of the slope is built as you can see in the first one
in the second one you can sort of see the space underneath. Obviously im taking alot of assumptions on water flow and if it will fit in such a small space. Also, if in such a space it can properly function for the farm itself.