Simple XYZ location on HUD

Debug has a lot of data but all I really need is XYZ coordinates. Can you have an option in graphics to enable X: number Y: number Z: number location under the compass or other place on interface? Only show the whole number part as the decimal part is insignificant. I’d keep XYZ on all the time as my family uses it to communicate locations and can easily navigate using it (thanks goes to Minecraft).


I guess that could help some people, as long as it is hideable, I like the idea ^o^

Yeah good idea. Would also help to see if you still are on the correct altitude while in caves looking for gems.

Perhaps make it a compass upgrade?


That’s something that would make game too easy. I would only allow N, E, S, W coordinates, no height. Looking for gems? Try to look harder :wink:

Well, I have no problems finding gems. I just mentioned that it ‘would help’.

I was talking about 1.0, not you specifically, just a figure of speech. And since at the moment there is a debug overlay there’s nothing stopping anyone to see at which height he is.

from what i understand, the aim is to make location markers relevant items, therefore somehow rendering the debug menu obsolete/un-navigable. This will likely only be implemented in 1.0 and beyond, but i would expect either the debug coordinates to disappear as a whole, or be replaced by much more obtuse information to encourage the use of markers/exploration


Yeah, time will tell @Arkefyre. Although I still think it is a good suggestion from @MajorWitty.

Maybe in the very beginning we could have those basic coordinates on the screen untill we unlock the compass skill. Then the compass replaces the coordinates. This will help starters find their way in a more friendly way.
There are many options possible if you really think about it.

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Altitude is readily available via Locations tab so having an option to add altitude on compass would be nice.

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You have my support based on your persistence alone. Nice follow through!!! :joy::rofl:


You would only give the PS players a penalty since the PC players can pull that information out of memory if it was removed from the debug menu… and if it was hidden from the location page…



That’s one heck of a necro
(does it count if you do it to yourself? XD)