Skill points for miner/crafter alt

I was looking at skilling out an alt but had some questions.

  1. Can you have a fully skilled Miner and Crafter on the same character? This wouldn’t include any real hunting skills. Maybe 1 in slingbow

  2. Hammer/Shovel/Axe mastery 5 does what? Does that make you use gems efficiently or is that 4?

  3. Does grapple mastery help at all?

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In the current state of the game this should be possible. I have one of my alts up to level 31 and he has all of the current crafting along with max power, several points into agility and dexterity. He also has mastery 4 in Slingbow so those points could be placed into Hammer Mastery. He also has Warp Distance III so more of those points could be moved into things for mining if needed.

  1. Yes this should be possible in the current state of the game along with some extra points left over.
  2. Hammer/Shovel/Axe Mastery 5 don’t do anything in game yet but will be used when more rare materials are added. Gem use mastery 4.
  3. I haven’t used grapple mastery at all on any of my characters but it looked like in Jiivita’s video in the current version of the game it seemed to allow you to have a longer attached length for the grapple. It’s hard to describe so I will just link his video here and I will have it start at the part where he talks about grapple mastery.

If you want to know how mastery works, right-click on a tool you don’t have mastery in. Stats that are affected by mastery will show penalty applied.


I think you don’t need grapple mastery. I’d rather invest in death penalty reduction, if you’re gonna have costly tools with you death penalty is one skill I’d aim for. I use it on all my mining chars. Also light source is good one, at least add 1 level since it will allow you to see close objects (I think it was 6 radius or something) while handling two tools.

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Have you looked at the skill calculator =D @Stretchious has been busy =p

Basically grapple matery affects max reel out distance and fire speed… I’m not exactly sure if that’s how fast you can use it OR how fast the Projectile travels

So in my vid the description for Ruby grapple stated that max range was 18m however I was able to Grapple from about 30 m and was simply auto reeled into 18m… this may not be intened behavior though.

Mastery breakdown
0 Wood stone copper iron
1 silver
2 gold
3 Titanium
4 all gems
5 nothing so far (rift blink oortstone Etc?)


Dark Matter :eyes:
Dark Glass?

Thanks all for the details…

Yeah I did use the calculator. Based on everything there still are not enough points for a level 50 to max everything for a true mining and crafting alt. I didn’t even spec for atmosphere, etc stuff. There were still a few skills that I could not max because I ran out of points.

This shows another reason why we should get skill points past 50 to at least 60 or something.

So is it confirmed that “mastery” doesn’t even matter right now? I had thought it was enabled… so it isn’t?

@Spoygg yeah I had maxed death penalty and partially added tool wear points. Can you post screenshots of your super mining alt or something?

Miner-crafter seems a bit odd combination wise… a miner-hunter would use a lot of the same skills… and building is not that skill intensive… so crafter-builder?

I have Jiivita as a maxed out miner-hunter and an Alt for crafting… and eventually building I think… although I should have the points to pick up chisel mastery on Jiivita… kinda want to save some points for now though

Wow how did I miss that… I guess you are talking about grapple mastery… I think it mostly slows down its speed for now… and range when they fix it… assuming it’s not working as intended

For harvesting tools and weapons past iron… it’s VERY important… but I’m sure you already know that =)

I have set my main and alts up pretty much the same way. TwistedFoot is my Builder/Hunter/Gatherer and I use Twisted as my crafter but now that he has all the current in game crafting skills I can put some points into being able to mine and defend myself with him to help speed up leveling.

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Only mastery level 5 doesn’t do anything.

I’ll post my config as soon as I have some time to re-invest skill points XD

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Well I was focusing on a person that could craft and get the supplies. But that is a good point about needing to defend yourself, etc. Plus crafting as you say is pretty skill intensive. I just did some tests on the skill calculator and definitely see the need to set it up as miner/hunter if I am going with dual type alts. Thanks.