Skill Scrolls

this is a suggestion to how the skill system can be done, involving more anime (yay)

alright, this first part is a serious idea and the last part is something that would be extremely cool but prob hard to make.

So first, i suggest you start with a few basic abilities given to your weapon type and you could get more in 2 ways.

  1. you have the required proficiency, and have completed a set of requrements hidden to you (yes they will end on wiki soon enough)

to illustrate.

You use a sword and start with the ability quickslash

quickslash deals a certain amount of damage, in a short burst, from using quick slash you can unlock a new skill by

  1. having 50 profiency in sword
  2. having killed 100 enemies with quickslash
  3. have dodged (if they have a roll ish system) 50 enemy attacks with a sword in hand.

Using the skill and dodging you found out that you could combine the two, and now you unlocked a new skill called side step slash, which allows you to move unto the side of an enemy in a quick motion and then hit it in the side with an attack.

and then kinda make a system based around of that that would differ in requirements depending on what the skill is.

that would be 50% of your abilities you would unlock that way.

the other 50% would be found in scrolls which would drop or lie in hidden chests, so you just cleaned a dungeon and at the end you find a scroll. the scroll allows you to make 2 weak slashes in a row and then jump back to safety. you now have 1 more ability.

that is the first thing, now over to the more awesome anime version which might actually work.

This is from the anime called Log Horizon (if you havent watched i i highly suggest you do)

The system is pretty simple, you can level from 1 - 90 and whenever you get a level or complete certain quests you get a mastery point. as you level up.

whenever you get a level you unlock an automatic skill but there is a system to it,

you abilities have 4 tiers of understanding.

Comprehension: Automatic learning of skill

Beginner: Requires 1 mastery point put into it

Intermediate: need the use of ‘‘intermediate scrolls’’ these scrolls can drop from quests and is not extremely rare although it takes some time to get, a person who have a skill can use the right materials which are harder to get to transfer their knowledge to the scroll. allowing a beginner to use it and then get intermediate ability tier unlocked (still requires mastery points to learn both ways)

Hidden: Requires the use of a ‘‘Hidden Scroll’’ which can be obtained as rare drops or from quests of higher degree difficulty, they require a large amount of mastery points to learn, but they greatly increase the ability a large percent so it is not unusual to train it.for bigger guilds which can obtain them

Secret: these can be obtained from quests that involves mainly large-scale battles (raids) these are extremely hard to get and they change the ability drastically, as an example if you play assassin and use it on a shadow step ability, instead of only shadow stepping you will shadow step and summon 5 clones of yourself that can confuse the enemy and deal damage, only 1 of these secret spells can be learned at any time and as i said they can be applied to any skill, so if you are lucky enough to find it then you will be one of the few who owns it and will greatly change your way of fighting.

To take an example.

‘‘Deadly Posion’’ is a level 12 assassin technique.

It is automatically gained, and at the same time the ability to upgrade it to ‘‘Deadly Poison I Beginner’’ is added in the skill tab.

The character will automatically learn ‘‘Deadly Poison I’’ at level 12 because it is automatically aquired, there is an for it called ‘‘Deadly Poison II’’ which you automatically get in level 22

Now then, on the skill upgrade list there exists a ‘Deadly Poison I Beginners’. There is a need to spend the required amount of mastery point(s) to register this. Damage of ‘Deadly Poison I Beginner’ is higher than ‘Deadly Poison I’

High level Assassins can write down (describe) their technique on a scroll. Paper and ink from a Scribe is required for this. A scroll made in this fashion is called ‘Intermediate scroll’. Using this scroll allows the Assassin to learn the corresponding technique. ‘Deadly Poison I Intermediate’ is then registered to Skill upgrade list Again, this is only possible only if you spend the required amount of mastery points.

Some powerful monsters may drop a ‘Hidden Scroll’, this is a very rare item. It is also possible to get this from very hard quests. The abilities of Hidden are even stronger than Intermediate. In many cases the damage is increased by several dozen % compared to the basic ‘Comprehension’. Using the scroll registers ‘Deadly Poison I Hidden’ to skill upgrade list. With this current system, Hidden is the highest most skills go.

Deadly Poison I Secret’ is also added too once the proper scroll is acquired and is registered to the skill upgrade list, but it requires a considerable amount of mastery points to learn. it will make the ability insanely effective and change how it functions. only 1 skill can be trained up to Secret.

when the skill level upgrades the techniques follow. so ‘‘Deadly Poison I Secret’’ becomes ‘‘Deadly poison II secret’’ when it is aquired

well that is my rant @ben what do you think of the first system? the second is amazingly cool but seems like a ton of work for you guys xD


I wish I had the time to read all of these, but there’s so many! :blush: can you do a tl;dr at the bottom?

Too much coverage :slight_smile: And Log Horizon can go beyond level 90 :wink: Seriously, I like the ideas, but I would like to see a cap on how many extreme skills a single Avatar can possess.

you get 50% of your skills by using previous skills

and get 50% of your skills from random scroll drops.

and the 2nd system cannot be done with tl;dr xD

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BTW: I would have liked your post, but the forums have a ridiculous constraint on likes.

Hey @Zouls!

I like your system of skill discovery and advancement. I had something slightly different in mind but this is an interesting system. How do you consider one changes from the ‘Building’ mode to ‘Combat’ mode whilst using these abilities? Are they a kind of skill list you see in your inventory that you can move around on the Utility Bar?

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Wait this is literally what I was saying with weapon tokens…
just with scrolls. Basically weapon enhancing to unlock new playstyles right? (with the potential to have it be a player level / weapon proficiency thing which I wouldn’t be a strong supporter of)
@Zouls we’re arguing for the same thing all the time lol.

Scrolls just sounds a lot cooler than weapon tokens. :wink:


Idk, I kinda like tokens… or maybe we could call them totems or something else. What would be a good name besides scrolls? scrolls are a little generic imo.


I really liked the idea of having to actually use the skill to learn a related skill and then combining skills to learn another skill. Having the difference between chopping, slashing and piercing moves/skills would add a lot of unique character to the player as an individual as well forcing them to utilize certain weapons to acquire certain skills. I would rather keep grinding and luck out of maxing your skills but that’s just me.

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I like your thought of combining skills, It could work well into a skill scroll / skill token kinda system.
I am kind of opposed to having to use a skill over and over again to gain more power. It kinda defeats the point of a survival sandbox when you have to grind for the sake of getting a power that allows you to grind more. I’d rather use the survival bits to allow me to craft what I need to survive, and fend off other players and enemies if need be.

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I like troves way of doing it. you have 2 modes, building and combat. you switch between them on tab, in building mode you can put blocks down and that is where you have your laser which is used for harvesting.

in combat mode you have your few abilities, your potions and then you can equip 2 more items such as bombs or sponges.

I think switching between them is the only way to not clutter it up.


I dont have a problem with your system, i have a problem with you wanting to call them tokens which are used to so many other things. again, just because you have a hammer doesnt mean that everything is nails.

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Lets necro this! was thinking about writing a text about this anyway before i had remembered i had already done it shrug


I still think this system will work RIGHT!!!

I want it!!!

Also, if this gets implemented, some of the scroll skills should be teachable (something like the half or a quart of them, the less powerfull and more useable, not the “superior” ones