Skill Sets Questions

I’ve got a couple of questions regarding the Skill Sets since I haven’t generated enough Cubits to even get one.

  1. How many different Skill Sets can one character have max?
  2. Can we rename the Skill Sets?
  1. I believe the max per character is 3. I’d love to see this increased to 5 though, for the madmen who actually get to 3 full trees will probably find that they can’t QUITE do everything with those without using some cleanse points… I’ll answer that in a second

  2. I don’t think so - but that is a really good idea and I will give ya a +1 for it

  3. Cleanse points are for single-skill refunds. Right click a skill to unskill it and refund the 1 (or 5 for epic) points at the cost of 1 cleanse point.


cant rename at the moment (or ever?) and as far as i know (as far as i have seen mentioned) you can have up to a max of 100 SP used per skill section however there are a ton of sections and there also is a secondary skill set which it looks like you can unlock as well (a whole new skill tree)

I am sure someone here would correct me if i am wrong on any point

I see thanks and I just happened to stumble onto the answer about the cleanse points shortly after posting just poking around the skill tree in game…


also… welcome to the universe dude

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Yeah, if you wanna play with the skill tree 's @Stretchious is working on a skill calculator that will be on the aforementioned site, I have no idea how long it’ll be before its done, but keep an eye out for that! :smiley:

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Actually the Skill Sets are just that a set of skills. It’s like cross classing in other games except that you can only be one class at a time without any benefits from the other classes. It’s so you can, say, switch between being a miner and being a warrior; however, you can only switch every 15 minutes unless you’re inside your home beacon.


ahhh that’s what they mean by switiching in beacon and etc lol thx :slight_smile:

It’s getting there… just some more logic to do (maybe a couple of days time)


It’ll be a welcome addition to all of us nutty boundless addicts out there, thanks for the hard work!


I was wondering what is the overall function of the calculator?

you ask it this is my current level… would it be viable yet to be a hunter?? etc? and then it says this is how to skill for hunting?

It’s for planning out your build yourself - it won’t recommend a build for you.

However, I do plan on adding in the ability to save a skillset on the site so it can be shared with others.


There is for some reason a cap on skill sets and It makes Zero Sense to me!

Understand I am a champion for the restriction of skills to all players as I believe it creates needed trade and the need for people to work together or at least sell and buy with each other…

But there is NO REASON to have a limit on 3 Skill Sets for a character! Unless you limit the number of alts down from 10 to say 2…

Then the reason to limit the skill sets would be to keep any one player from being able to do everything and thus supporting Me and Others like me who agree with the Limitation of skills on a character to enforce trade and commerce…

The Current 10 Alts <---- Means anyone can do anything and the 3 skills sets means that NOBODY can do it all on one character…

So with this system all the people who want to do everything with ONE character CANT
So they are Upset and not a fan…

And with this system all the people who want to limit the ability for any one person to be able to do everything!
Well they are also Upset because 10 alts is more then enough to allow anyone to do everything…

This current concept feels like it doesnt pick a side and upsets the most amount of people possible…

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I totally agree that they should increase the skill sets cap per character. Perhaps we will get this in the future?

What is the process for unlocking other skills?

I am level 50. I pay “X” amount and unlock the other skill page and it comes with all skill points for my level?

So by paying the unlock cost in cubits you immediately have access to two skill builds?

If I make an alt and level them to 50, don’t I get all those cubits?

Are cubits account bound? Can I level 3 characters to 50 and only spend the cubits on my main (for plots)?

Just curious!

@Tagris The extra skill sets that you unlock with cubits don’t come with any skill points, you still have to earn them as before, I believe you get 2 points per level and after level 50 it’s 200,000 xp needed per level.


Thanks @GreyArt247


Ok so I got my first Skill Set today and it’s not at all what I expect. I thought it would have the same amount of skill points as my first set but it only had 2, so my question is how is it supposed to work since you gain skill points upon leveling up and when you switch skill sets your level doesn’t change? Are all the skill points you had gained up to the point of getting the extra skill set(s) just gone? This makes no sense to me…

you have ONE pool of skillpoints you can distribute. A second skill set would be only effective after lvl 50 when you have one set full and begin to fill a second. And that would only be practical if having at least enough to be effective (like having enough to make a crafting built with the second to clean up the crafting skills in the first one and distribute the now free points into something different).

You get 2 Skillpoints per level, even after lvl 50 (where you get “50+”), so with fictive lvl 150 you can have 3 full sets. … But don’t worry, you don’t lose your just bought skill set so you save your xx qubits then later if you begin to fil it up :wink:

Ah I didn’t think about that. That makes sense then. Thanks.

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