Skill Tree Crafting

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Currently on the development build, I have made a Workbench, Stone Furnace, Iron Furnace & a Crafting Table. Im trying to progress with my equipment, but am unable to figure out how to unlock the craft recipe for the Extractor for example.

I have tried unlocking “Common Machine Recipe” as well as Common Tool and Common Tech. What am I doing wrong? Can’t find any information on this new skill tree as yet.

Regards Lynx

Seems to have unlocked Compactor, Extractor and Refinery now that ive reloaded the game with “Common Machine Recipe” unlocked.

Answered my own question -__-

Sorry Guys!

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That is odd that it didn’t show up immediately when you had unlocked the skill though - they should have appeared after unlocking Common Machine Recipes.

@vdragon has this been logged as an issue before?

Description of skills won’t guide you enough. There are features coming in future that will make you learn what you need. For now its trial and error.

To help now: there is Item Crafting sub-tree lower on the list of skills. When you unlock this you will see skills like Common Item Recipes, Common Prop Recipes, Common Decorative Recipes plus Bulk and Mass Crafting and some more. Can’t recall now for sure but I think its Common Prop that unlocks extractor recipes. Don’t take my word for it though - it might me Common Decor, just can’t remember now.
Common Block Recipes unlocks Compactor recipes for sure.

As an afterthought.

The skills you were trying out belong to Equipment Crafting group and they unlock machines and tools/weapons (Common Tech Recipes skill unlocks grapple and chisel for example).

Item Crafting group is lower down the skill menu and you need to learn more earlier skills to unlock it. Skills from that group give you:

  1. Non-craftable abilities: bulk and mass crafting and tax reduction.
  2. Crafting recipes other than tools/weapons: decoration, props, material processing (extracting, compacting).

@luke-turbulenz is still working on the Skill Trees. The next Testing release should hopefully fix a few more issues.

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