Skills, knowledge, and acquisition


I noticed I gain and lose knowledge of various raw resources as I gain and lose skills. This has lead me to a couple of questions I don’t have the time or the resources to discover on my own and I’m hoping some folks in the community might have an easy answer at hand.

  1. Can I only find raw resources if I have the skill-triggered knowledge of that resource? For example, I can’t find any pedunculated boulders in the wild until I have gained the knowledge by buying the appropriate skill?

  2. Has anyone compiled a list of which skills lead to which knowledge? I can’t figure out why my weakling crafter alt knows about all kinds of fancy fungus but my gatherer alt is strong enough to survive but completely ignorant of things to gather.

  1. Skills are in no way related to raw materials (only crafted items). All raw materials are available for everyone to find.

  2. should show you what you need.

  1. Knowledge of raw materials is definitely related to skills. Check your Knowledge tab before and after adding or removing skills. Observe the change. Compare and contrast Knowledge between alts with different skills. What is unclear is if raw materials appear to you in the wild if you don’t have the knowledge – I have never seen a raw material I do not have the knowledge of, but that could be coincidence, and I have not done a controlled study. I’m looking for actual verifiable information on the topic.

  2. The crafting levels tables at boundlessskill list about what you can craft with what skill. It does not list what knowledge of raw materials you gain with what skill. I asked about the latter, not the former.


You do not need anything speific to be able to see any blocks or meshes.

It is possible the knowledge entry of a resource is tied to a recipe that uses it, but in all honesty I’ve barely used the knowledge screen.


My main character has absolutely no skill points in any crafting (that is all done by my alt) but can still find resources regardless of what planet I’m on. I then bring them back to my base and put them into storage which then allows my alt to use them. All resources are available to be found by any character regardless of your crafting levels.


Yes, yesterday I finally found some boulders not in the Knowledge tab of my gatherer. I can definitively and scientifically confirm that a character does not need to Know about a resource to be able to find it. That’s question 1 answered.

Question 2 is still unaddressed. The again, finding information on all the useful things (like which planet to find white stone on, for reasons) is still more difficult than it should be for a community-focused game. I’m just impatient for a relevant wiki or an updated boundlesscrafting.


I can’t remember where but I’m pretty sure I did read something on here that said the Devs will be adding some information linked to planets that will outline the major resources on each one and hopefully more information in the machines and furnace etc.
With regards to specific blocks and type and colours etc that really is more of a player based thing for us to discover and share. I know some players are in the process of creating libraries/museums of all the different blocks that they find so you could go to one of them and look up the colour you want in say a particular stone and then they will probably have information on where you can go and find it. But that is a massive undertaking that will always be growing as new planets are added and requires a lot of group help to maintain and update.