So I was thinking of a cool thing that could be done with skill trees that ties in with the slightly randomized nature of stats when crafting stuff, and I came up with this:

When mining/logging/etc you have a small chance to get an (item)+1
This chance increases with the related skill tree, and the difficulty of the world
When crafting, you have a slight chance of increasing the level of an item, so from +0 to +1, +1 to +2, etc.
When crafting a tool with +1… materials, the tool’s base stats will be slightly higher, stacks when using multiple +1… materials.

The gathering and crafting skill trees could have 2 specialization paths, one increases the chance of gathering/crafting +1… blocks, the other increases the speed of gathering/crafting.

This would lead to a constant demand for rare resources, as +1 blocks would be fairly rare, but provide good bonuses like increased durability, faster speed, more damage, etc.


This is something we’ve been exploring in our skills, stats and traits discussions. Hopefully we’ll be able to reveal more at a later date.

But the main idea is the game changes for you based on what you choose to upgrade. Like, getting 2 block drops or log drops instead of 1 certainly changes the efficiency for miners and gatherers.


Is different kinds of food/cooking planned to be in the game sometime in the future? If so, would cooked foods give buffs? I think this would be a pretty cool addition, since it would add another supply-crafting chain and would provide an another thing to prepare before fighting a titan.

Buffs could even be shown by adding a colored glow to various parts of the interface instead of the derpy icon+timer of old, like if you have an attack buff your weapon glows, a hp/defense buff your health bar glows, etc.


I like this idea a lot. But I think it wouldn’t fit with the current plan of making skill points count “globally”. (Globally means here that you for example mine a lot and invest the skill points you gained with that in cooking or any other skill.)

It just doesn’t make sense to reward higher levels of a skill like that, if all you had to do was doing the easiest of all the skills to level up everything.


I agree, if you do a lot mining and get skillpoint for that, you should have to use them for mining-skill


I wasn’t aware that there were plans for a global skill points count? This was under the assumption that whatever the skill trees become would still use a similar system to that currently in the game, where you level up a skill by doing related activities, and not an arbitrary ‘skill point’
I think global skill points would be a very bad idea.

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@Heureka @alexanderyou I’m also not a friend of that system. I see no real benefit in it.
But the devs believe it will help to diversify the distribution of skill points so not everyone has the same skill set.
I think that this system will have the exact opposite effect but we’ll see what and how they’ll implement it in the end.


I hope they do add some branching into the skill trees tho, being able to do everything yourself is nice and all, but having specializations so someone who does it a lot does it better would be great,especially for having people group up in cities and having a flowing economy.

Subjectively I don’t like “global skillpoints” either, but it worked quite well for Fallout4 so I doubt that it would backfire that hard.

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Fallout 4 is a single player game and the skills don’t particularly matter as there is no competition or cooperation. In an MMO however, working together with other people is key so you will want to specialize, and if everyone can level up any skill by doing any activity, it would devalue all skills and make whichever activity that levels up the fastest be the ‘best’


Sure, it isn’t the exact same but it has similarities in the essential aspects that justify the analogy.

Anyway, you also need to consider that, although you’ll acquire “global” skillpoints, you’ll not be able to skill everything to perfection. So it is not devaluating anything. You’d still need to choose on whether you want to spend all your skillpoints on one profession and be a specialist or if you want to spread your skillpoints across the board and be a Jack of all trades, master of none.

But I definitely see your concerns with “global skillpoints”.
Maybe something like this would solve the problem some people have with global skillpoints?:

Allowing players to acquire global skillpoints but also requiring a certain level in the respective profession in order to be able to skill into the more advances abilities, basically getting the best of both worlds.


If there more then 1 skill to chose from in a class, we do not end up with same skills.

Even if there was just one skill in a class you wouldn’t have the same builds over and over. It doesn’t make sense to assume that at all and I didn’t see any reason why they think that.

@Vastar I’m still not a fan at all (like really really not in any kind of situation or universe ever) of not being able to max everything out. But it surely is also an argument against having all the same builds everywhere too, I think at least.

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