⚠️ Sky Lake Settlement building rules

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To be have a consistent exterior view of our settlement we have some building rules. Please be sure you understand it if you want to live close to us.

  • Please build your ground floor by light cold rock and stone;
    • first floor and above — by light cold wood and its derivatives. We recommend you to use Decorative Timber for floor covering of the ground floor and below too.
  • Please use light shades of cold colours. You can emphasize it by light shades of warm colours or dark shades of cold as decorative elements. It’s welcome but not more 10% approximately. Emphasize the details but don’t overdo it.
  • Welcome and recommended to decorate your home by metals — Machined or Refined Silver and Titanium Alloy for ground floor and only Refined for above. The use of copper is undesirable. The use of gold is by rule of warm shades.
  • Please don’t use raw Gleam, make Gleam Lanterns. Match its colour to the colour of your walls.

We haven’t any rules how you need to form your interior. It’s your personal deal.
Please be patient to our requirements.

I shall translate here advises “where to get building materials” and other recommendations soon.


If someone comes and plots in the middle of your settlement and builds not according to your specifications, you won’t have any way of doing something about it. :wink:

My suggestion… either plot everything beforehand, or change your rules to be more flexible. You mention a lot of things that are hard to craft, new players won’t be able to expand your settlement as you please.


Yeah, I know. It’s started on a border of our settlement so this is a reason why I translate this rules to forum.

Anybody can use Rocks and Trunks and after replaced it by Stones and Timber. It’s not actual problem. We only ask for using a cold colours which correspond to Boori’s nature.

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Oh, this settlement is much closeness to nature - there is also a beautiful Gleam Rune Tree(I think it would become to a world tree)

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just want to say, I looked around this settlement yesterday and it’s beautiful!!!


I’ve also been there yesterday, these building looks amazing amoth these giant trees.

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