Sky World possible?

Is there plans to release a sky world theme involving floating islands with a abyss of instant death below? If so I suggest it.

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That’s not possible atm I think :frowning: I’m a worldbuilder myself and i don’t think there’s a way to remove the bedrock layer… but floating islands with an ocean underneath them is completely possible :slight_smile:


You should check out Wardin if you haven’t. There are sky islands and lava everywhere. It is a beautiful place but it is hard to get around, so I have been a road making fool. It is also hard to get up in the sky, so I have been a stair making fool.

I recently updated the capital with bridges on the borders, so people can attach to them, and a staircase for getting up high or down low.

I would be concerned about a world like Wardin when regeneration gets turned on. It takes hours and hours and hours to make the routes, only to have them reclaimed. Also, sky areas are a lot more prone to lagging.

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As @Predatoxic comments it’s not possible in the World Builder at the moment, but it’s been discussed in the past. There are a few technical issues to consider, for example what happens to the day/night cycle when there is no planet to obscure the sun? It would be cool and hopefully something we can get to in the future.


Neat, it is something i would also very much like to see ingame, i love the idea of having a set of floating islands with nothing underneath.

I have an idea for the day night cycle. A mass has to be in the “center” of the planet that keeps the floating islands in their orbits and that keeps the air from leaving the planet. So that could be something to block the sun. And if it’s too small to block the sun, I would assume it would have so much mass that the light would be bent. That could be a cool effect.
All of this takes time to figure out and program so maybe a 2.0 feature?^^

On this note: How is it going with the wrapping of the worlds? Did you figure out how to do it?

Wrapped worlds are in the released World Builder. Still a little work to do in the engine. But it’s postponed as we’re need to regenerate the worlds with wrapping enabled. And we decided that wasn’t a priority at the moment.

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Sounds reasonable.

Ther are also sky islands in iielo but there is a bit of land and a huge ocean underneath them! :lester:

A reasonable way to theme a “skylands” world would be if rather than being on islands floating in abyss, your are instead on the rings of a super massive gas giant. The day night cycle would then feature the sun passing behind the planet you are orbiting, with the planet being below the player. If one fell off the islands, it would trigger a “falling forever” animation when you passed what would be the bedrock layer rather than actually reaching the atmosphere of the planet.

P.S. this would be a legitimate use of donut style planet wrapping.


And when do you die in this falling forever animation? xD

At the start of the animation, you’re already dead. The animation is simply your body shrinking into the distance. You’d then get the option to respawn at your home/capital.

Ah now I get it, that’s a pretty good idea.

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It could be that as you fall the force rips apart the body and kills you then the body parts fall forever! :lester: (okay,maybe a bit more tame though!) :chester:

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It would take a significant amount of time until the force would be enough. I doubt anyone would wait that long^^ But hey it doesn’t need to be realistic^^

We got wormholes that take us to another planet. Realism is already gone.

Well that’s entirely possible^^ Except for the fact that we shouldn’t be able to survive it but on the other hand the characters we play are not human^^

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