Slice of Life

It came to me in a dream.

“Slides… with portals”

Here’s the fantastically narrated journey of how the Slice of Life came to be :slight_smile:
my good friend Oort the Mute was kind enough to put together this excellent dialogue
and poured his heart and soul into it

Visit the Slice and stop by the giftshop. Come explore BAYmart as it nears a grand opening! Located just behind the Portal Temple gate in Therka Market!


Just before BAY Mart and The Slice have become reality, @Xanotos visited the building site…

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It literally just drops frames of me spinning. Like, If i took capture of MY view of it, it’d be… crazy

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yeah - remember I told you when recording that it looks a bit funny as there are only moments it registers all (or most) frames

in here u look a bit spastic :joy: maybe that should be the title: spastic doctor?

What’s a simple and easy capture software, I only need to take like a 10 second video to show you the madness on my screen

try windows one - if u are on pc; windows button+G activates it; than just press E in game to be able to press recording or use windows+R (not sure if I remember that short right)

You know what this is exactly what I’ve mentioned happens in FlyFF called “PoS lag” or “point of service lag” I also noticed it last night as we were practicing arkjumps, you ( and in turn I guess me ) are moving too fast for the server to accurately tell other players where you are. This is going to make pvp awesome :sunglasses:

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