Slow-Mo quirk not working correctly


Taken directly from here:

This reduces your speed correctly but does not increase it right.

Without the item equipped:

And with an item that has the quirk on it:


As you can see the reduction happens correctly however the increased sprint speed is only .6 m/s.

I only have level 4 agility and 5/5 attributes bonus thus the base sprint speed of 8 m/s.

So either you need to apply this increased speed to your normal sprint speed, in this case it would be an extra 4 m/s, or when it says your sprint bonus it is referring to the extra speed you have based on your attributes.

Even if this 50% bonus only applied to the extra speed from your skills, in this case an extra 3 m/s over your base sprint speed of 5 m/s, the 50% from this quirk should be 1.5 m/s faster based on attributes only.

It clearly was not doing either of those in the game based on the movement speed so it’s not just a text bug like some seem to have.

Unless your “sprint bonus” is something entirely different that is not shown in the stats here?


Maximum hunger quirk is also not working. Not sure if it’s name but it cost less energy when full. Still cost more energy to swing a hammer even when full


What other skills did you apply in addition to the ones you’ve mentioned here?


This was the only quirk item I had equipped at the time to try it out if that’s what you meant and no potion or food buffs other then the well fed buff.

Otherwise this was tested on my hunter build character:

I also tried on my crafter character who only has the 5/5 attributes bonus and it’s sprint speed went from 5.6 m/s to 5.9 m/s.

The attributes bonus increased the speed from the base 5 m/s to 5.6 m/s so that extra .3 m/s was 50% of the extra speed from attributes bonus but this only seemed to work in this case.

But this .6 m/s increase on the other character was not the 50% increase of the 3 m/s increased speed on the hunter character because of the agility and attributes bonus skills as at the very least that should had been 1.5 m/s increase if it’s only based on your increased speed over your base 5 m/s.