Slow opening portals


Anyone else finding portals super slow to open this morning?

I’m in uk and sanctuary to Gellis was about 90 seconds, been standing in front of Besevrona gate for well over 2 minutes now as well!

Not been like this for a long time, for me anyway.


I can’t get any portals to open, even same world (Gellis).

Not sure where the problem is, could be me, but everything else non-boundless seems to be OK!


Just tried to switch chars, and i, now stuck on the Boundless splash screen (black background with boundless written in middle), it says I am logged in at the bottom.

I guess I’ll just, um, play something else :flushed:


Works for me o.O


Where you at?


Biitula, but I went to finata and tried the besevrona gate too, works fine.


Lol, I meant EU, US, etc.

Probably doesn’t make much difference in any case.


Lol sorry, EU :smiley: But at least it tells you it’s not a boundless server problem.


At this moment, It is working. (US East)
But about 2 weeks ago, quite a bit of us had this happen also. Lasted about 12 hours.


It’s odd then, as I’ve now started d/l a couple of demos to my ps4 and they are coming down fine, one showing 5gb in 15 minutes, the other 8gb in 30 minutes, both running at the same time.


In fact Valkyria Chronicles just finished in under 15 minutes at a size of 6.65gb.


Any time I have something “running” in the background on my ps4 while playing boundless I always start to have problems. Nothing ever d/ls or sits in the background


Um, yeah, thanks, but I’m well aware of that!

I thought I made it obvious that I didn’t start downloading things until after I couldn’t get Boundless going, but since you missed that I guess not as obvious as I thought.

Only pointed it out as an example of network things outside of Boundless working well.


I just woke up so good possibility I missed something lol


Just tried again, and all seems fine now.


Haven’t had any problems in portals, but rubber banding all over the place. My son and I were on I think it was Finita, can’t remember, purple everywhere. Went looking for god and silver and we would constantly al of a sudden be pushed around and get the notice of connection problems.
it’s been happening to me a lot lately.