Small but important Suggestions

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What: A QoL tool that removes machines, poles (yes, this applies to the update), spark links, furniture, storage blocks, etc. in one hit.
Why: Removing spark cable and machines is always a pain even at a higher level, and so is removing machines. Make some kind of new tool that removes machines or add a second ability to toggle on the spanner. Currently the only solution is grabbing a topaz tool and speed brew and hoping you don’t miss what you’re smacking violently.

What: Remove fall damage
Why: Give me a reason to keep it in the game. Is this a platformer where we need limitations and punishments for clumsy traveling? Is it because we want to limit exploration? Is it something to do with balancing grapples? I have no idea why it exists in the game, and I have no idea why it punishes the player so severely for such short falls. Most of the time it is due to grapples. It should be removed. This would please a lot of players. The only function it has is to say "no, you can’t fall off that mountain without facing some punishment. Climb it again, and here’s an annoying debuff that sucks for new players (which are usually the most clumsy players because they are new).

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I take fall damage from jumping.

'Nuff said.

I wholeheartedly agree with decimating (not removing. Specifically decimating) the fall damage. Maybe even remove the skill if it is reduced enough

Also i just save my tools and use a totem to break machines etc… It is still 4 hits… but for moving large builds i totally understand the frustration.


I use a totem too it just takes a very long time for large stuff and spark link. I think it’d be a nice change though.

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I almost agree. Removal of equipment 100%

Fall damage. I like the neat counter of firing a grapple at the ground as you fall. Grapples are quite a distinct feature of BL. I’d not like to lose one of their perks.

brilliant best suggestion i have seen in awhile think after more then a year off playing my equipment removal skills are pretty well trained now dev’s
i would not mind a little speedup the life off a scavenger is very hard now a days :rofl:

I use aoe tools cause 4 hits across 3 blocks is most of the machine lol

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What about taking stamina damage or penalty for falling instead? Maybe still some real damage too but it’d have to be a crazy fall to actually kill you. Like a hundred blocks

Don’t remove fall damage completely, but maybe make it ramp up from just a bit higher, and (scary) maybe take more damage when you actually fall a long distance? I hate taking fall damage from just jumping down one block, but then falling from the sky doesn’t kill you? Fall damage also sometimes hits you if you jump on a wildstock that’s just strolling there :smiley:

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I don’t want to spam the forums with a new topic about a small suggestion so I’ll hijack this a bit. Sorry!

Chat. I often miss messages since I’m not looking at the game the exact moment it pops up. Then after an hour or two, when I happen to be looking while somebody says something I notice the number of new messages. Could this number be permanent in the lower left corner? I just don’t remember to open the chat often enough. Maybe optionally, somebody will probably be annoyed if they have to “check as read” every message. As an extra maybe a notification sound when you do get a new message.


I have asked for this too. I hate opening chat and seeing messages that I missed.


Small Suggestion: When youre in the inventory and you hover your cursor over a forgable item, if it is forged it should say in parenthesis Forged. Ex. Diamond Hammer (Forged) OR change or adjust the little Forge effect on an items icon to be more clearly seen. Its peobably easier to see it on PC but on PS4 its not really that noticeable for me at least


Me too. Add double jump, and a single extra block high = damage