Small list of improvements in the quality of life

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First of all, I want to clarify that if there is something I mention that is already in the game, correct me or it has already been suggested, I’m sorry, I don’t read all the suggestions.

  • Add to the machines and banks of creation a button that is “Do everything”, for example, if I have 3000 rocks, I want everything to be available without having to give the button to do it 30 times.
  • An option to self-stack all the objects that we may have dispersed in the inventory.
  • Some option to be able to sort all the same objects by groups, for example, each type of blood in your individual group without having to sort everything by hand.
  • A panel where we can see all our baskets of sale and purchase, to see in which baskets we must replace objects or collect coins without having to verify one by one. (I’m not sure if it’s possible, but just in case)
  • Be able to transfer a beacon to another user intact and fast (although some kind of fee must be paid, depending on the size of the beacon)
  • To feed our beacons from our beacon menu, without having to go there personally. (I don’t know if it’s possible)
  • To be able to collect our staggered coins from each beacon from the same beacon menu.
  • I know that the fault of a person who loses his beacon due to fuel is specifically the fault of the owner of that beacon, but it could be great if he could reimburse even 50% of those blocks and objects in a special warehouse that is only for this kind of situations, and yes, one day, come back, just set up the agreement or part of it again. There are times when people have problems that move away from the game and may not calculate fuel well and things like that happen.
  • Send an email when your beacon has less than 7 days to expire.

Some of these suggestions are mainly to facilitate some control in console users and to facilitate certain efforts for people who may have many beacons.

I tried to write this list as well as possible, I hope it is understood, as you know, I only defend myself a little with English

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Honestly, I agree with all the points that you made. Each of those would contribute to give the game a more finished feel.

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I’d like shop search to have the option to narrow the search by an attribute(property?) like color, or like Transformation when looking up a tool, etc. If this would be devestating to performance I’d like it a lot less, but especially in the case of forged items, looking for a Solidifier is currently down to guessing by type of tool/tech/etc and price, which can be all over the place anyway. Also knowing if someone carries 1000 blank atlases at 100c a pop or has greatt deals on lower tier atlases, etc. We can’t look at more than the lowest price the person carries the item for so there’s no guessing via the range of prices the shop has for the same item or even that they have a range of prices for the same item. One example would be I stock shovel epic gathered items and flowers, and put a discount on a variety for some reason like I have thousands of them after setting up a farm or finding a great spot to regen farm clay that happens to be covered in flowers, someone was giving gobs of them away for next to nothing, etc. someone looking for that item sees I carry bazillions of them for cheap, but has no idea I have many in other colors at other prices… I biffed the argument for this completely but if someone saw a lot of flowers at one shop for cheap they might waste time thinking I’ve got the color they’re after just because I have a lot.

Free flower in a variety of my choice and a thank you to whoever rewrites this suggestion for an improvement in one clear and concise sentence. and happens to show up at my shop when I’m there. :slight_smile:

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