Small question... render distance... to pc

As you guys might know i am a ps4 player.
This means some meshes don’t render in until i am closer to them.

Size maters…
If you look at the Rosetta’s left in comparison to the right you would say that the left side has way less. But it is approximately the same amount.

Now my question is do you guys have the some problems with the smaller meshes?

As in the way i am having now?

Yes since I have to play with the lowest settings. If I try to go up on anything I start losing fps

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I play on both. And have noticed my pc doesn’t render as far as my PS4 I can put the settings up on pc. But refuses to render farther anymore. Maybe my computer isn’t too good. I try not to build too massive because the details are lost due to chunking.

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Depends on the settings, all visible here :slight_smile:


Good do know :+1:

@Mayumichi love the shot especially the reflections in the water. Sad I don’t have that :wink: time to maybe switch :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


That’s the main reason I picked pc version

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He made me a little tower int he same spot, not sure if it was lower (closer) or not.


Now they are completely gone :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

@Nightstar was the same spot (exect same block up) might have been a block higher or lower.

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I noticed recently that the more meshes in Rendering distance the lower the distance gets.
Storage blocks fully decked render at About 8-10 blocks. With fully coiled machines infront even less.
And i know i have a high end PC. So something might be wonky here.

turn off “Distortion” under graphic sttings on pc you will see better at a longer distance but ps4 no clue

Thank you for the tip. I checked and it is off.

On PC…everything is rendering…:

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Nice :wink: (boy do i wish I played pc right now).

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But to be honest I have everything at max settings and I am playing on a 4k tv with those settings also. Even if the game is not naturally in that resolution it still looks better IMO.

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Its a mixed bag, i use to play on a laptop with a built in video card and didnt notice any issues except my heat pipes on the laptop would get really hot, so i raised it up 1" with some little wooden blocks and the issue is still present.

I recently moved over to having a external gpu with a dedicated video card that plugs into my laptop and then my monitor plugs into that. I can now push out those high settings, but i have all this extra junk that i need just to play.

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