Smaller builds

Ive always been lover of small builds… Although i dont see them much as boundless coil system etc is forcing builds To be somewhat large.

Ive manage To squeeze my stuff To 4 plots basically (2plots but below 2plots are To hide coils.)

Now i would like To see how other People do it.

Feel Free to post your shots and builds that are small. Maybe we can get some inspiration from each other


This sounds like a fun challenge. I want to see how small I can make a fully functioning base.

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my home be like…


For me its nobrainer to hide coils underground…
Only thing actually gives me headache is storage… I have too much stuff.

I think many People can relate To that picture


so what is like the max of a build? 4 plots 2-2 and 4 down so say 8 total? or like 12 when 2 in height from ground up?

Everyone has their own opinion whats small…
For me is To squeeze everything as small as possible For some its 20plots.

Im looking mainly For clever solutions To save space…
Would be awesome To see a whole build and specs all together.

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This sounds like a fun challenge!!

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Like, smallest fully functional fully kitted out workshop and storage. I’m gonna try this at some point.

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@Buugi I want to take part in this lil challenge too.

What is the max build area?

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I enjoy making small houses. I once had one of my cabins retrofitted for a guild mate to use. But it quickly became too small for them and I moved them to a bigger cabin. If you can have a bigger area underground this is very doable.


This is not really a challenge… Was just looking To gather some great space save solutions into one spot.

But ye go ahead. Obviously anyone can just lay things here and there without having To worry about the looks but Who can get away with it… Those are the ones Im looking For with This post

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I remember in early access that some players did a 1-plot challenge to build a house. This was before power coils though!

Maybe we can organise a 4-plot challenge and see what people come up with in regards to compact/complete builds.


Check out the smelly couch for some compact designs. There’s some interior house designs. And storage ideas. There’s a small Christmas home there that fits in the 2x2 plot area.


Some time ago, I read about some new machines coming? Idk if that’s still a thing but maybe they solve this issue if they’re more compact.

I don’t think they will make them more compact overall, but if my understanding of the way they will work is correct, it should make them a bit more versatile (cryptic response, I know, but I don’t want to divert the thread further :wink: )

Hello friend, I think you are looking for a way to place your factory in a way that takes up less space, if so and you have a while, stop by my factory in gyosha mall, my place is Market-Metals & Deco, the way I have placed The machines and coils, I think it is the one that takes up the least space, if it works for you, your visit is welcome


If you see an Oortian standing in the dark with a sling in hand, you better run because it’ll be me I’ll question you xD.


Don’t worry I’ll grapple him so he can’t get too far away :smiling_imp:

Also @Buugi how many of each machine do you usually run?


This is not about me…
I dunno why People assumed this is a challenge Or so.

Just funtional base… Smallest you can go. So i guess 1 of each machine?

I usually run few extra refiniries thats about it.

We just took as a challenge