Smart-stack colours

When i hover over a stack of items which are coloured it shows the “tint” in the hover tool-tip,
however when i have a smart-stack of an item (all same colour) it doesn’t show the colour in the tool-tip.

I think it would be useful if it did show this on all same colour smart-stacks, otherwise i have to right-click on a smart-stack then hover over a stack in there to see the colour, which is an inconvenience when i come back from mining and want to put rock in the matching colour stacks.
(some smart stacks are very similar colour at first glance).


Similarly, a smart stack of mapped atlases looks like a smart stack of empty ones. I often carry two stacks like that and end up clicking the wrong one.

Didn’t even know you could smart-stack altas’s, never tried.

ah yeah, 9 of them together

How did you get a cyclops character?! :joy:


Spitter took one of my eyes out. Now I’m a cyclop.


I do want this to be part of the smart stack. I’m a builder so I too collect and organize block based on tint. It’s bothersome enough to sort things through different stacks. A simple QoL like this would be useful.

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I would also like to suggest a new rule to stacking. If there are two stacks of the same category in the inventory, upon shift-click, the item would go to the stack in which there are more than two of said item.

For example, we knew that strawberry stacks with meat. If there are a
Two stacks of food and one of the stacks has two strawberry. Shift click would sort that into it.

This should also work with blocks with different tint. Assuming tinted block is considered separate item by themselves, this can be done, but I don’t know if there would be conflict programming wise.