Smoking beacons?

Do smoking beacons ‘mean’ anything? I read sometimes that they smoke when they are close to expiring, but mine always smoke even with months of GL so I must be understanding wrong?


If there is smoke and little to no flame then it Means they are expiring.

non gleam club: once you run out of fuel it smokes for a week so you have 7 days to refuel it
gleam club: once it runs out of fuel it smokes for a week, then re-lights for 2 weeks then after those 2 weeks you get the smoke week again and that’s your last chance to re-fuel it.

pretty sure that’s how it worked
@james can confirm?

When the gleamclub runs out, all the beacons have another extra 1 month fuel for no reason :no_mouth:

I was just hoping there was a way to make my beacons not smoke ALLL the time :wink:

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When there’s a week left of fuel the beacon will smoke. After that week the beacon will reclaim.

When there’s a week left of gleam club the beacon will also smoke. When that week is up. You then get another 4 weeks of fuel. When there’s a week left of that it will smoke and reclaim when that week is up.

If one of your beacons is smoking and you have gleam club. Make sure you log in on that alt that has the smoking beacon if it’s not showing gleamclub.

Its a connection glitch last time I mentioned this (about a year or so ago).

Some times the beacon flame doesn’t render correctly and you only see the smoke.
That said haven’t seen it on Lamblis (the flame) as i am barely spending time near or close to my beacons as they are in the middle of a “zone” or hidden away. (Yes now they are visible now, i know… redesign :wink:)

The gleamclub timer is different than the individual beacon fuel timers that happen when you insert fuel.
I don’t remember if they fixed this so the smoke means the final amount of fuel is there versus gleam club expiration. If a person has put some fuel manually versus gleamclub things could be out of sync and show smoke 2 times… but like I said I’m not sure if that was fixed or is how it still works.